Parish Council Minutes 12th February 2020


Minutes of Meeting on 12th February 2020 at 7.30pm at the Community Centre

Members Present:  Mr. Ken Edward (KE), Mrs J. Denyer (JD), Mr D. Hodson (DH), Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ), Mrs S Begy (SB), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

3 Members of the public attended

Issued raised by members of the public:

·       Bollards at the chicane – reflective tape needed to improve visibility

·       Cutting of the overgrown hedge in Great Lane – responsibility of landowner

·       Corner of Church Lane at the side of the School House – unlevel tarmac on side of road To be reported on “Fix my Street”.


Apologies for absence

Mr P Hitchcox – attending a speed watch meeting on behalf of GPC.

Mr Nick Begy


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted.

RFO (DH) does not vote on financial matters




Approval of minutes from 8th January 2020


Resolved To accept Minutes and signed as a true record – no corrections.

Proposed DH, Seconded JD, voted to accept.




Matters arising.









Church Lane flooding and road conditions –See Highways Report,item 7.2

RCC have granted approval to overspend 2019 budget and that work will commence on 26th February.

North Brook Tree Planting

Rubbish and building rubble left – escalated to RCC.

Carried forward to March Meeting for NB to give an update

Quarry extension

The first meeting of the Quarry Liaison Group was held on 20th January with attendance from representatives from Rutland County Council and Northamptonshire County Council.

Minutes to go in the Greetham Newsletter for March.

The second meeting is scheduled for 26th February.

Wheelie Bin Stickers

To date 2 requests for stickers have been received from members of the public.  It is planned to start a gradual roll out.

Notice to go in March Newsletter for residents on Main Street to contact Jane Denyer direct.

The 2020 Parish Newsletter

The Parish Newsletter will include input from Focus Groups, the Church and other groups in the village. This will be distributed by 1st July.

Articles are required from each Focus Group by the end of April:

Planning, Jacobs Well and Community Garden Project – DH

Traffic, Pavements, Lighting and Roads Group – JD

Trees, Benches, Footpaths – PH

Community Centre Grant Project and Burial Ground Group – KE

Clerk to write to other village groups to give them the opportunity to include an article – Church, WI, Community Centre, Bowls Club, Petanque clubs, etc..

Annual Parish Village Meeting

The Annual Parish Village Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 7pm. GPC will host it on the village’s behalf. It will provide an update on what is available and being planned in the village. Each group (GPC, Community Centre, Church, Police, Safer Villages) will give a short presentation and there will be a free glass of wine on arrival.

To be advertised in Greetham Newsletter and leaflets to go in residents’ doors.

Agenda to go on village noticeboard, Greetham FB page and Newsletter and Clerk to send out to participating groups.

Church Lane Burial Ground road condition

Two complaints have been received from members of the public regarding the mud and state of the road on entry to the burial ground. This is not an adopted road it is privately owned, and consequently the landowner is responsible. Residents are trying to get clarification/proof as to who owns the land.

Clerk to write to local farmer on behalf of the burial group.




















Monthly budget report, and bank statement

DH reported on the budget and bank statement - the reports were received and noted. The full report can be found on GPC website – attachments.

KE confirmed the bank reconciliation has been checked and agreed.

2020/2021 Precept

Parish Precepts Form has been completed and returned to RCC. This has been accepted.

Invoices for Payment

Clerks Salary - £208.33

D Hodson – Stationery (A3 paper) £10.99

Cost to draw Plans for CC Building Work £600

Insurance for CC £1893.48

Hedge Cutting for Burial Ground £240

Dog Poo Bags £261.60

Internal Audit Service £210

LRALC – Clerk 1 Training £40 (this has already been approved at an earlier meeting).

Proposed RK, Seconded SB, carried unanimously.

Approval to Place an Order

Approval to purchase plants to continue hedging the burial ground.  140 holly bushes at £2 = £280, plus 2 x trees @ 7.50 each = £15.

Approval for £200 to be spent on garden plants for garden project

Following discussion, it was agreed this should be carried forward for a decision to be made at the March Meeting when PH is present.

DH to raise with Garden Group, bulbs for the village green.

Approval to purchase wine, juice and snacks for the Annual Village Meeting. £50 approx

Proposed JD, Seconded RK, carried unanimously.

Assets Register

To be updated and check existing list and photograph assets (no street lights)   

   Agreed to carry forward to March meeting. This is needed for the internal auditors meeting in April.

   DH to send the document to RK. 

  RK and SB to work on and provide an update at the March meeting.


£69 received from Fords Funerals (money owed)

Finance “Responsible Financial Officer ”

The takeover of finance by Clerk with effect from April was discussed.

  It is proposed that the Parish Clerk takes over the position of RFO for GPC

  from the beginning of the financial year.

Proposed: KE, Seconded AJ, carried unanimously.

It was acknowledged that hours would need to be allocated for the extra work

and it was agreed that KE, JD and DH meet to discuss a review of the

Clerk’s salary to bring to the March meeting.














Local Plan and Settlement Hierarchy

DH gave an update on developments over the last month. The Settlement Hierarchy document is founded on the principle of sustainability, ie. minimising car use. Greetham has been classed as a local service centre. Locating significant numbers of houses in Local Service centres would appear to directly contravene this principle.  However, events have now overtaken this as the new draft Local Plan issued in January has led to a change of policy in where houses will be allocated.

The new draft Local Plan provides for a large number of houses at St George’s Barracks, none are allocated to Greetham. It is positive news that the proposed employment land quote for Greetham is no longer there.

Once the Local Plan goes out to the public, there will be a 6 week consultation process.

GPC will need to comment on the local plan at the March meeting.


Planning Application 2019/0620/FUL – Construction of artisan bakery together with ancillary staff and office accommodation. Land to the north of Ram Jam Inn, Great North Road, Greetham.

Planning permission granted.

Listed Building Consent – Application Number 2019/1132/LBA

Holly Cottage, 3 Little Lane. Replace rotten softwood windows and external front door. Permission granted.

Approval of sign to go outside Oak House re Parking.

There has been a recent incident where an ambulance could not get through the driveway to Oak House, due to a vehicle blocking the entrance. This has been reported to RCC. Permission to go ahead with a no parking sign on the wall of Oak House directly by the entrance was unanimously agreed by GPC.

Clerk to contact Oak House and ask them to get approval from RCC to put sign up.

Planning Application –Greetham Quarry screening request, Ref: 2020/0043/SCR

JD gave an update. This does not require GPC to comment at this stage as it not a full planning application. This will be raised as an agenda item at the next Quarry Liaison Group meeting.

Once the planning application is seen, GPC will be looking to impose conditions.

JD to write to RCC to ask them what they believe should be done to restore the quarry by 30.9.20, in the light of the receipt of the screening application.




Standing Orders and Focus Groups











Standing Orders and all appendices and Contracts

Update on revisions to financial regulations were agreed at the last meeting. Revisions have been made. 

Fix my Street and Highways

14 items have been reported to RCC either via Fix my Street or the Highways and Transport Working Group. A report of issues is available to the public on GPC website.  JD will continually update the issues log with responses as a rolling document.

Update on Local Plan Review

Covered under 6.1


A response has been received from the Department of Transport about the dangers of the A1. They appreciate that the signage along the A1 could be improved and recognise the benefit of the countdown markers. They will look to include them in its future schemes.

Road Safety in Greetham  

There was discussion on consideration to be given by the Parish Council to purchase a speed radar gun (£130) to collect evidence of traffic speeding through the village. This would not be for prosecution purposes but to politely ask people who speed to drive more slowly through the village.

It was agreed that this should be discussed further when we have outcome of the speed watch meeting which PH has attended on behalf of GPC.

TRASP have been consulted and are happy to help with the speed watch scheme.

PH to provide an update at the March Meeting.

Burial Ground

Clear up of burial ground – 14th March at 10am.

To be advertised in newsletter and on Greetham FB page.

Trees/ Benches/ Clean up

The Litter pick up – 7th March at 10am at Community Centre carpark has been organised.  To be advertised in newsletter and on Greetham FB page.

Benches – The acquisition of a bench from a resident is going through. Permit forms completed and delivered on 5th February. However, an email from RCC has been received regarding unexpected costs – an initial fee of £250 in addition to the annual renewal fee of £60?  This has been escalated to Nick Begy and it is in discussion.

NB to provide an update at March meeting.

Jacob’s Well and Signage

DH reported that a meeting has been held this week, but the response is extremely slow.

As a result, the correct process with RCC is being investigated to look at carrying out the work.

Community Centre Grant Project

KE reported that grants are currently being applied for.

Community Garden Group

Finance item








Community Centre

Potential for Section 106 funds: 

It has come to light on receipt of an email from RCC with an enquiry from Cottesmore Amateurs Football Club for funding, that Section 106 funds are available to the local area for sport and leisure facililties. GPC were not aware that any money was available. GPC would object to money being spent at Cottesmore Football Club as there are a number of very valid projects at Greetham Community Centre.

KE, JD and DH to write to RCC to ask for a meeting to get clarification and discuss what S106 funds are available from Begy Gardens in order to put in applications for Community Centre improvements and recreation.



Welcome Card Visit

Great Lane



Correspondence and Communication





County Community Speed Watch Scheme

Update from PH at March meeting following attendance at the Speed Watch Meeting at RCC.

Letter sent to Councillor Lucy Stephenson at RCC to request trialling an average speed camera system in Greetham.

Update from PH at next meeting.

Letter received from RCC regarding planning application for alterations to Community Centre – offer of a Building Control Service to help steer through the Building Regulations and allied legislation. Not applicable at this stage until we get planning application through.

A complaint from a resident regarding the mud on Main Street (road and pavement) from farm vehicles.  The member of public has reported this p problem on “Fix my Street” and escalated to RCC.

RCC have had a meeting the farmer concerned. Some cleaning has been carried out, but insufficient. This is still in discussion and is awaiting a plan of action.

Clerk to write to Nick Begy to ask for an update.




Reports from outside bodies


Parish Forum Meeting in January

In the opinion of our two GPC representatives, DH and KE, the meeting was appallingly run and undemocratic. There was a conflict of interest due the Chairman representing Normanton. DH has written to the Parish Council Forum Working Group to complain.


Items for future agendas

Costs of Village Newsletter

Registered Footpaths

Burial Ground Policy

Dog mess

Response and comments to RCC re Draft Local Plan


Date of next PC Meeting


Next meeting 11th March 2020


Note items to be filed on Dropbox from this meeting for future reference.

All correspondence

Meeting ended at 9.10pm