Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 2nd March 2020


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting

held on Monday 2nd March 2020, 6.30pm at Greetham Community Centre

Members:  Mr K Edward (Chair), Mr D Hodson, Mr P Hitchcox, Mrs A Jenkins, Mrs S Begy, Mr R Kinchen, Mrs J Isaac (Clerk)

Apologies: Mrs J Denyer

One member of the public attended.

To consider the following planning applications received:

1.         Planning Application – Reference 2020/0142/FUL                                                                                

Demolition of the existing Ram Jam and redevelopment of the site to provide two drive-thru units and two drive-to units with associate parking and landscaping.

Written comments received from Greetham Garage, which were considered by the meeting.

Resolved: Object – unanimous vote.


·       Greetham Parish Council note the comments of the Inspection from the Appeal which was dismissed from a previous planning application.                                                   – paragraph 16

[Notwithstanding the findings on heritage asset status and the trees, the harm to the character and appearance of the area would remain significant by reason of the unsightly over-development. Consequently, the proposal would be contrary to policy CS19 of the Rutland Core Strategy Development Plan Document (CS) 2011 and policy SP15 of the DPD, which amongst other matters, requires all new development to contribute positively to local distinctiveness and a sense of place, being appropriate and sympathetic to its setting in terms of scale, density, layout, appearance and materials. In terms of DPD policy SP7, the development would be essential investment in infrastructure road side services for public safety purposes, but it would be detrimental to the landscape and appearance, and visual amenity considerations for similar reasons. As indicated, the weight to this policy conflict would be moderate].

            Greetham Parish Council believes that whilst the appearance is better than the         previous one, this is still an over-development and suitable for only one drive through          unit.

·       A development of this size should have a clearly defined traffic flow plan from the A1 and B668, which has not been submitted.


·       In the event of any approved planning for a food outlet, a contract for clearing up rubbish is required.


·       The transport and travel plan refer to access for workers by walking and cycling. There are no suitable footpaths or cycle routes.


·       If this planning goes ahead there should be a condition of joining the Ram Jam by a public footpath to the Rutland network of paths and cycleways.


·       It is suggested there should be a mini roundabout at both the B668 entrance and prior to the entrance to petrol station. Cross traffic from the B668 will create a hazard as they will be facing oncoming traffic on the A1 when using the petrol station.

2.         Planning Application – Reference 2020/0118/FUL

Proposal: Erection of general purpose agricultural building on site of existing poultry house to be demolished (already approved) – Manor Farm, 1 Little Lane, Greetham.

Resolved.  No objections – Support with the following comment:

Substantial screening suggested to south border.

3.         Planning Application – Reference 2020/0203/CAT

Proposal: Fell 2 No. Chamaecyparis to rear garden. Fell a row of chamaecyparis trees to front garden. Remove 2 no. lower branches on the left hand side looking from Great Lane – 40 Great Lane, Greetham.

Resolved.  Neutral - No objections to removal of hedge providing a suitable replacement is planted. No objection to trees, but it is hoped other trees of a suitable nature will be planted.

Meeting closed at 7.15pm.