Notes on Walkthrough with Andrew Tatt, Highways and Elected member Lucy Stephenson-19th April

A walk through the village took place with 3 representatives of Greetham Parish Council (Ann Jenkins, Peter Hitchcox and Jane Denyer) and Andrew Tatt (Principal Highways Manager, Rutland County Council) and Cllr Lucy Stephenson.

Commencing at the pinch-point in Main Street we walked the entire length up to top end of Church Lane.  On the way we introduced RCC to members of TRASP (Greethams Residents Traffic Group) who very clearly articulated the frustrations Greetham residents have with the volume, speed and noise of the traffic on Greetham’s section of the B668..

We subsequently sent a list of all those issues and suggestions for improvement to both Andrew and Lucy.  This communication and response can be viewed on Parish Council Dropbox via Website link.

In short the following requests were made of RCC:

Items 1-10

1.      Implement an experimental order for temporary HGV limit for data analysis.

2.      Install average speed cameras to slow down excessive speeding.

3.      Find ways of ensuring that the one pavement in Main Street is safe for all pedestrians including push-chairs and mobility scooters.

4.      Re-instate white lines along south side of narrowest part of Main Street (between Kirks Close and Oak House).

5.      Re position “Give way to on-coming traffic” sign to be clearly seen by motorists approaching the chicane from the east.

6.      Fix the supercharged drain outside 17 Main Street.

7.      Move the 30 mph speed indicators to outside the village (at both east and west end) and make the entire village 20 mph with the indicators reduced to 20mph to reflect this.

8.      Re-instate the Greetham bypass plans of 1948.

9.      Consider installation of vibration monitoring equipment due to concerns with vibration damage to historic buildings along Main Street.

10.  Request Highways to seriously consider outsourcing the review of the current Warehouse Planning Application Highways and Transport Reports to external  consultants.  This is because of the complex nature of the data provided needs expert, independent  analysis.


Lucy Stephenson responded with the following:-

1.  Does not believe it is possible to apply vehicle restriction as this is a B road and it would

       not be within guidelines to do so.

2.  Fixed speed cameras cannot be installed for enforcement of 20 mph speed limit.

4.  Will review the possibility of refreshing white lines along south side of Main Street.

8.  Will discuss with Director of Places regarding availability of funding to undertake a basic 

    feasibility study  of the route for a possible relief road.

In her response she noted

“I completely appreciate and understand the frustrations and concerns the parish has about the volume and nature of traffic: prevalence of large vehicles (HGV/Farm machinery etc), unfortunately, due to the geography of the village with buildings built close to the carriage and footways, it is not a quick fix but please do not see this as a lack of political will – personally, I believe the desire for a relief road the ultimate but lengthy solution”

Andrew Tatt responded with the following:

4.  It is anticipated that the white lines will be renewed and extended in the summer

5.  Highways will review the option of either moving the “priority” sign onto the

      centre of the chicane ‘island’ or replacing with a cantilever sign post option.

10.  Highways has since engaged external consultants to review the Warehouse Planning Application Highways and Transport reports.

Additional items raised by Greetham Parish Council:

Once the 20 mph traffic indicators and signage are moved out of the village, Church Lane   “NO ACCESS TO CARAVAN PARK AND INDUSTRIAL SITE” signs could be installed.

Recent works during road closure

The pavement from the bus stop (east end) up to Great Lane has been re-tarmaced.

The chicane kerbing outside the shop/Oak House has been smoothed off to protect

car tyres.

Subsequent update from Highways received 25th May, 2021

Item 7 – RCC have discussed the issue of moving the speed indicators out to the edge of the village (west end) and reducing the speed limit to 20 mph from this point.  At Committee, it was rejected on the grounds that :-

“The speed limit should not be reduced along this section of carriageway as the street scene and road layout will result in an increase in non-compliant drivers.  Additionally the proposed speed limit reduction has not been supported by the police”

In summary

Items addressed                      1,2,4,5,7 & 8

Items not yet addressed        3 & 9

Items completed                     6 & 10

Greetham Parish Council fully understand and share the frustration with residents as to the

slow responses to some of the long awaited improvements we believe are necessary to improve current issues with the B668.

We can confirm that we remain committed to seeking improvements….however long it may take.