Parish Council Minutes 12th July 2019


  Greetham Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting Friday July 12th 2019

Greetham Community Centre @ 8.30 am

Members : Mr K.Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (JD) ;Mrs S. Begy (SB); Mr P. Hitchcox ; Mr D. Hodson; Mrs A. Jenkins ;Mr R. Kinchen .

Members Present:- Mr. K. Edward, Mrs. J Denyer, Mrs. S Begy, Mr. P Hitchcox, Mr. D Hodson,


Apologies for absence


  Mrs A Jenkins


To appoint a committee to deal with all aspects of appointing new parish clerk & decide action needed.



Agreed to form a Recruitment Committee with a Quorum of 3 members of Greetham Parish Council.

Members will be Sandy Begy, Ken Edward, Jane Denyer.

Proposed: DH   Seconded PH            Carried unanimously.


Terms of Reference for the Committee

To manage the process of appointing a Clerk to the Council with the power to make an appointment.  Committee meetings will operate as per Standing Orders.


In the interim Dave Hodson is RFO and Jane Denyer is Clerk


The position will be advertised in The Newsletter, Website and Noticeboard.  Deadline for applicants will be 30th September, 2019.


Ken Edward to contact LRALC and inform them of the vacancy and request

advice on procedural matters.





To Nominate A Parish Forum Representative for GPC


Dave Hodson will be our Parish Forum Representative for 2019/2020

Proposed: KE         Seconded: JD     Carried unanimously

Clerk to inform Parish Forum of appointment