Good Neighbour Scheme

Let us be your Good Neighbour

What’s it all about?
The Greetham Good Neighbour Scheme uses volunteers from the village of Greetham to provide help for anyone in our Parish who needs assistance.

Let us lend a hand with the following:
Occasional transport (Expenses to driver)
Shopping in an emergency
Collection of prescription / pension
Help with pets
A one-off tidy of your garden
Form filling (non legal)
Practical support following injury / surgery

And more….just call: 07763 750499

What kind of help?
Occasional Transport to appointments at the various hospitals, doctors, opticians or dentists.
For hospital appointments and visits further afield we advise that if you are over sixty or disabled and have a bus pass, you should use Voluntary Action Rutland (VAR) transport. Their charges are less than ours as they are supported by Rutland County Council. They generally like you to give 4 -7 days notice when booking.
(Telephone: 01572 724705)

Collection of prescription / pension. We can provide regular prescription collection days throughout the month, so give us a call to arrange your collection.

Help with pets. In the event of an emergency or illness, we can provide short term help with your pets. If you are ill or if the weather is too bad for you to venture out, give us a call.

One-off tidy of your garden. If you have been ill and your garden has got on top of you, we can assist with a one-off tidy to get it back under control.

Form filling.. We can provide help with writing letters or reading to people with visual impairment or the use of e-mail and the internet.

Companionship. For anyone who would like a chat and a cup of tea or maybe a game of chess or Scrabble.

Practical support following injury / surgery. If you need help of any kind whilst recuperating from illness, give us a call and we will try and help.

Other. If you need some help which is not mentioned here, just call our co-ordinator as we still may be able to help.

Who can use the Greetham Good Neighbour Scheme?
Everyone in the village or the Parish of Greetham. The service is open to anyone who doesn’t have someone around to help in times of need or who doesn’t have access to a car.

How much does it cost?
The only cost is for petrol, parking and materials. Please see the list overleaf for details. All other services are free. Donation envelopes are available should anyone wish to contribute to the running costs of the Scheme.

How does it work?
Just call 07763 750499. A co-ordinator will arrange for one of our registered volunteers to help. The co-ordinator will then phone you back to confirm who will be calling and at what time. The co-ordinator will be taking calls between 8am and 8pm each day. Be prepared to leave a message (the phone line may be busy) or if you have internet access, e-mail us at:

Mileage Information
Cottesmore £2.50
Stretton £2.50
Market Overton £4.00
South Witham £4.50
Castle Bytham £6.00
Empingham £6.00
Oakham £6.00
Langham £7.00
Whissendine £7.00
Stamford £10.00
Uppingham £11.50
Grantham £14.00
Charges are based on a return journey at 46 pence per mile.
Scheme users are responsible for parking fees incurred.

Hospitals / Surgeries
Markey Overton £4.00
Empingham £6.00
Oakham Hospital £6.50
Stamford Hospital £10.00
Grantham Hospital £14.50
Peterborough Hospital £21.00
Leicester Hospitals £30.00
Melton Mowbray £14.50