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Information from Rutland police

Cycle Crime prevention from Rutland LPU - ImmobiTag Electronic Bike Tagging (Solid Frame)
Rutland LPU launched a further cycle crime prevention scheme last Monday 13th February of Immobitag Electronic Bike tags and this item has been selling very quickly. Immobitag Electronic Bike tagging allows bikes with uninterrupted seat tubes to be traced back to owner using the unique id contained within the electronic tag. The ImmobiTag is embedded into the bike frame and is almost impossible to remove. The unique ImmobiTag ID is then registered on Immobilise together with any frame numbers and warning tag serial numbers to be found on your bicycle.

All tags contain a unique serial number that can read via special scanners that the majority of police forces are equipped with to display the owner's information via the National Mobile Property Register, which provides the police with access to the Immobilise system. Used by all UK police forces to trace the ownership of stolen property, the Immobilise system is a great deterrent to thieves. This version of the ImmobiTag is designed to fit bikes with standard diameter seat post tubes (25.4mm to 32.0mm diameter).

Please note that ImmobiTag RF devices are designed to give your bike a unique identity that is registered to you, that helps identify and return your property should it be recovered by the police after loss or theft. ImmobiTags are not GPS tracking devices.

Rutland LPU are selling these tags at a discounted price of £5.00

If you are interested in purchasing this item please call into Oakham Police Station between 10:00-14:00 & 14:45-18:00 Monday to Friday.

Message sent by Jon Gower (Police, LSTO, Rutland)