Bulk oil purchase

Greetham Bulk Buying Cooperative

After considerable research Rutland Oil was selected and remains as the preferred supplier.
Whilst they can’t always guarantee to be the cheapest (this is impossible to achieve as oil prices are quoted daily) they were chosen because of what appears to be an excellent service, along with the fact that we don’t have to enter any form of contractual commitment with them, making it easy to change supplier if need be. Simply mention you are part of the Greetham Bulk Buying Cooperative and they will apply the appropriate rate and service etc. However, you are not committed in any way.
All of their service offerings are available, highlights as below;
• Preferential treatment in terms of delivery, quality of service operates throughout the year.
• No demands upon the group for volumes or number of orders
• Free to order fuel or not depending on your own requirements and needs
• Direct Debit Scheme which enables cost to be spread over the year, with interest added for accounts in credit
• They do not expect all to order every month and nobody needs to sign any contract and can still exert their right to purchase from whoever they so desire.
• Price will always be cheaper than their standard rate. However, the rate of discount will vary depending on market conditions and customer demand, generally 2 – 4 pence per litre (ppl) and within approx. 1ppl of the cheapest rate. 
• Monthly email invitation to all members  
• Market movements can sometimes work in our favour or the suppliers therefore in order to be fair the price is created within 2 days of delivery eradicating market movements.  An email will be sent prior to delivery confirming the rate.

Last update 16-Mar-15
Rutland Oil’s ‘Greetham Oil Buying Group’ currently has 13 members that are emailed monthly. Of which on a typical month 3 are being delivered to, averaging about 1,000ltrs per delivery.
Whilst cost isn’t the only consideration as service levels are also monitored, the typical savings are in the region of approximately £25-£70; (factors vary which makes it very difficult to be precise). Currently (March 2015), the buying group prices are approximately 6ppl cheaper than Rutland Oils usual prices, this means a saving of about £65 per order of 1000ltrs.
To join the group (there is no contract or commitment) contact Osian Hughes at Rutland Oil on 01780 782848, email Osian.Hughes@rutlandoil.com or check out their website www.rutlandoil.com

The level of service and competiveness can only be measured by your feedback, so please feel free to call Chris Parkin 813162 and let us know of your experience.