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Achieving the impossible

Achieving the impossible? - A Master Class in Action Groups

Greetham has an excellent reputation for community action, but we can learn from other villages, particularly those that have achieved seemingly impossible goals.
Steve Bertussi and I paid a visit to Sharnford in Leicestershire to find out how their traffic action group has persuaded their County Council to install average speed cameras in their village.

Sharnford has very similar traffic problems to Greetham. It has a B road running through the village with a high volume of heavy goods vehicles. It has narrow streets and pavements such that pedestrians are put at risk.

For years, the village has been trying to get speed cameras. Their County Council would not entertain the idea, quoting national policy that there have to be three fatalities at a location before speed camer- as will be installed.

So, short of sacrificing three villagers to the cause, how did they achieve their goal?
Firstly they were fortunate in having people with the right skills who were prepared to spend significant time and effort on the cause. They set out with clear objectives.

They raised money to fund the project.
They collected data and photos to support their cause.
They relentlessly used the media – press, radio and TV – to embarrass officials.
They were ruthless in promoting their cause.

Finally, after ten years, national policy miraculously changed, the County Council found the money and they and five other villages have been promised the cameras this year.

Not just a single fixed camera, but average speed cameras covering the whole village. In future, if you do more than 30mph through Sharn- ford, you will get a speeding ticket. (Incidentally Rutland County Coun- cil have been claiming that the cost of such an installation would be £1,000,000. The true cost is nearer £80,000).

We have a full information pack, kindly prepared by Sharnford on their action group’s activities.

Sharnford’s next objective is to get a bypass. We have a suspicion that they will get it. 

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Alan and Margaret Winterton are leaving Greetham

Alan and Margaret Winterton are leaving Greetham!

Alan has lived and worked in Greetham for 57 years and Margaret for the last 36 years. Alan worked for many years at Greetham Garage then at Colin Eas- son's for around 10-15 years, after that he started his own Gardening busi- ness which he built up and did until he was unable to, due to illness. He grew up in Greetham at 40 Great Lane with Fred & Freda and went to Greetham School before going on to Casterton. He and Margaret spent a brief period living in Oakham before moving to 14 Stretton Road in 1981. Margaret has worked at all three pubs in the village, as well as Greetham Valley as a chef. She also worked for Bear, Bear and Bear. She worked at Greetham Garden Centre for many years in the cafe until David Penny sold it. She has since worked at Greetham Village Shop while also building up her wonderful cake business. They have two children Hayley, who was born in 1983 and Matt in 1988. They also have two grandchildren. Their family no longer live in Greeth- am and now it feels like the right time and opportunity for Margaret and Alan to leave Greetham and move to a bungalow in Uppingham nearer their daughter and family.

Having done so much in this village for the businesses and the people who live here, we at Greetham Village Shop are holding a collection for them. There are cards to sign and a tin for everyone to put into available in the shop now. They are a truly amazing couple and are going to be missed dearly by so many. We would love to give them something fantastic to remember us all by and to thank them from the whole village for everything they have done and given of themselves to this village. So please give generously.

We also intend to make them a memories book so any contributions or pho- tos you would like to send to the shop (via any media) of your memories and stories for, and of Margaret and Alan, they would be gratefully appreciated. 

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Comedy Night 2017

Comedy Night

The Comedy Night team are ecstatic to announce that our night of laugh- ter on 25th March raised over £1,300 for our much-needed new play- ground and much-loved Community Centre.
Thank you to all that helped bring the night together and thank you to all the support we received. A great night was had by all! See you again next year! 

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Greetham Adopt a Tree


Would you like to adopt a tree that gives you a unique opportunity to make a difference in Greetham to last for years?
The newly planted trees going up Great Lane have been purchased & planted through a grant which was applied for from Cory Environmental.
You can adopt a tree to celebrate any occasion, birth, marriage, anniversary, retirement, special birthday or to remember someone special.  The cost per tree will be £20 with all money raised going towards Greetham Village playground fund.
There are a variety of species and each tree can only be adopted once so will remain special to you.  All we ask is for you to water it within the first year.
Your tree adoption will be recorded for posterity & you will receive a tree adoption certificate along with a  map showing the location of your adopted tree.
All trees will be numbered with tags on the support stake.  Red numbers mean the tree has already been adopted and a green number means the tree is available for adoption.

Please contact Vicky Peers 812893 for further details to adopt your tree and for an up to date availability list.

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News from 1st Cottesmore Brownies

News from 1st Cottesmore Brownies 

This year, 2017, Leicestershire Guiding is celebrating its Centenary and as part of the celebrations it has been decided to support the Charity Smalls for All. 

Smalls for All is a charity based in Scotland which collects, in association with Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Kenya Chil-dren’s Home UK, bras and pants for girls and young women in Africa. So our Brownie Unit would like to collect as many gently worn or new bras and new underwear. These will then be collected and transported, through a long road trip up to Scotland and then off to Africa. Once they have travelled hundreds of miles to Africa they will be gratefully received by the girls and young women. We take having underwear for granted and wouldn’t dream of going out without wearing any underwear so why should women and children in Africa go to school without underwear? We have an amazing opportunity in 2017 to allow these women and children to gain some dignity, self-worth and ac-cess education. 

Did you know, young girls can miss the opportunity for education because they do not have any underwear? Think of the difference you could make by donating today! 

On 2 March we held our Annual Pancake Challenge and asked for dona-tions to help us buy underwear to send to the charity; we have purchased 60 pairs of pants to send along with the other generous donations we have re-ceived. 

If you would like to support our Unit by making a donation then please bring along to the Community Centre on a Thursday evening between 6 and 7.30pm (term time only) or contact Bernie Wallace (Unit Leader) 01572812956/07858484918. Our grateful thanks to the kind person who left a bag of ‘gently worn’ bras for us last week. A much appreciated donation. 

Many thanks, Bernie, Keara, Rachel and all the Brownies at 1st Cottesmore 

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