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Community Centre Friends

Community Centre Friends

A number of people in the village have offered to occasionally help with activities at the Community Centre.
We are now setting up a system of being able to make requests for help for specific activities as they arise.

e.g. setting up before an event, helping during an event with refreshments, tidying away after an event, occasionally helping to tidy up the grounds, helping to run an event, etc.
When an occasion arises where help is required, a message will be sent out by either WhatsApp or e-mail.

The intention is that people will only respond if they want to help with this specific activity and there will be absolutely no pressure to do so. If you do not want to help just ignore the message.
If you are willing to be added to the list of potential helpers, please e-

mail, with your name, mobile telephone number, e-mail address and your permission for the Community Centre to communi- cate with you as above.
We have a great community spirit in Greetham. Please help us to keep it going.

David Hodson 01572 813 902