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Fix the roof

Fix the Roof! 

Our fabulous historic church of St Mary's is in urgent need of repair. The roof is leaking and we need to replace it. It's not cheap! 

We are looking at costs in the region of £80,000 and it is down to us to raise the funds. 

When I say "us", I am looking to the wider village, not just the worshipping congregation as most of us use or appreciate the church at some time. 

The church fundraising committee are applying for grants, but many require us to have raised half the money ourselves beforehand, so our first target is £40,000. We have raised £18,000 through events and donations and are confident of further grants or loans, but we would welcome your support. 

How can you support us? 

By direct donation, gift aided if possible. 

By attending or helping with fundraising events, (which will be publicised in this newsletter and on the websites, Facebook and posters.) 

By helping the fundraising committee directly. 

Simply with your best wishes and prayers. 

It seems a daunting task, but together and with God's Blessing, we will get there and will preserve our church for many more years to come. 

Thank you 

Jackie Gauntley for Greetham PCC 

tel. 01572 868291. 

Email jackiegauntley@hotmail.co.uk