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WI meeting Feb 2018

Greetham Women’s’ Institute Report of Meeting held on Monday 12th February 2018 

Twenty five members and one guest were present for the meeting. A birth-day posy was presented to Gill Hodson. Our Speaker was Malcolm Britton who entertained us with an interesting, informative and at times humorous account of the history of Brooksby village. It appears that there has been a settlement in Brooksby from pre-historic times. Proof of this was found in the quarry on an archaeological dig. We were then taken through time to a Danish settlement right up to the present day. Brooksby Hall has a very rich history and was owned by the Villiers family from 1278. In 1592 it was owned by the 1st Duke of Buckingham, who it was said had the ear of King James 1st until he met an untimely end when he was murdered. The Villiers family resided in the hall for 500 years until 1711/12 when the line died out with the death of William and Anne Villiers. Malcolm explained to us that the uncertainty of the year was due to the changes made in the calendar at that time. We were also informed that the Villiers had many descendants and can claim 16 British Prime Ministers as descendants. These include Antho-ny Eden, Sir Alec Douglas Hume, Winston Churchill, and David Cameron to name but a few. This impressive heritage did not end there, apparently the Spencer family, Princess Diana, The Queen Mother and consequently our present royal family can all be traced back to the Villiers line. The Hall then became home to various families and it was used a great deal as a hunting lodge. In this period it is claimed that Lord Cardigan of the Charge of the Light Brigade fame resided in the Hall. To be followed in time by “Beatty of Brooksby” (so named by the people) who received the German surrender at the Battle of Jutland and whose flag hangs in Brooksby Church. There is also a bronze bust of him in the church. The Hall had many uses as a hospi-tal, school, and finally as an agricultural college which today has in excess of 600 pupils. Tea Hostesses were Hazel Hinch and Gill Hodson. Vote of Thanks was given by Pat Kenworthy. Our next meeting is on 12th March. Tales of the unexpected by Guy Hodgson. Guests are always welcome. 

WI Soups and Sweets 

The WI annual Soups and Sweets event went very well this year. Over 90 people attended and there was a selection of 16 soups and 16 puddings all made by the WI members. It was a wonderful occasion enjoyed by all. We look forward to seeing you next year.