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Snakes Alive

A survey of reptiles in Leicestershire and Rutland is in progress.

Why Do We Need To Know About Reptiles?
They are one of the most fascinating groups of animals, but unfortunately also one of the most threatened. Reptile numbers have declined tremendously in recent years, due to loss or neglect of their habitats and to persecution, so now all our reptiles are given legal protection. The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Biodiversity Action Plan recognised that we need to know more about our reptiles – are they really rare, or are they just elusive? This survey aims to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge.

Reptiles start to come out of hibernation in March/April.

To fill in the survey, download the survey - Click on this link and post it off to the address on the form.

For Information on reptiles in your garden click here and scroll down to "Reptiles in your garden"