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New Years Eve 2016

Greetham New Year's Eve Party 2016

A great time was had by all at the village's family friendly New Year's Party at the Community Centre! In time honoured tradition it was a caba- ret style variety show, with a packed programme of great local acts who all readily volunteered their time and talents for the evening. The acts included three great live bands (The Manky Beds, The Super-group, and WYSIWYG); a Maori-style Hakka sketch by the Three Greetham Geor- dies; stand-up comedy from 'Greetham's So-called Funny-man' - Tom De Vries; a 70s disco dance show by The Love Trains; smooth Sinatra-style tunes from hosts Ruth and Roly, with Bernie Gamble on the keyboard; Monty Python-esque sketches from 'The Wapscallions'; a mysterious

package in 'The Box'; and pounding musical vibes from DJ Paolo's Disco Shack. The Children's Play Area Group ran a quality raffle. All proceeds went to local fundraising efforts including the Roger Begy Memorial Trust to support educational needs in Rutland, the Greetham Original Drama Pro- ject, and the Children's Play Area Project. Many thanks to everyone in- volved in this successful and fun night that heralded 2017 in true Greetham style! Best wishes, from the Committee (Roly and Debbie Easson, and Paul Bland).