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Choir for the blind and visually impaired

Press release: For immediate Use Date: 14 July 2015

Choir for the blind and visually impaired calls for new members across Rutland

A choir for the blind and visually impaired is appealing for new members across Rutland.

There are 224 people with visual impairment or sight loss across Rutland and the Visionary Vocals Choir would like those with an interest in singing to join them.

The choir was set up and continues to be supported by Oakham based opticians Simmons Optometrists. This means all the singing sessions are free to join.

Simmons Optometrists also prints the song sheets at a range of print sizes to enable the members to follow the lyrics.

The group meets for two hours every Thursday between 11am and 1pm at the Railway Inn in Oakham. Wheelchairs, guide dogs and carers are also welcome!

Members of the choir choose popular songs to sing at each session which range from the 1980s classics to the present day top 40 hits. One of the group’s favourites is the Katrina and the Waves classic, ‘I’m walking on Sunshine.’

The group currently has up to 18 members, depending on the week, but they are looking to expand with the long term view of performing to audiences to raise funds for charity.

Owner of Simmons Optometrists, James Alexander, said:

“Here at Simmons we are passionate about the health of our clients and this includes their wellbeing. The benefits of singing are well known and we want to encourage as many people as possible to join.
“People with sight loss and their carers are a group in society which can easily become isolated. The aim of the Visionary Vocals Choir is to provide an inspirational and fun activity, which is not about what people can’t do but centres on what they can do. There are no auditions for the choir, just come along and join in.”
Visionary Vocals Choir leader Diana De Wet said the camaraderie between choir members is magical.
She added: “Singing is better and cheaper than any medicine and every voice has a place in our choir. Our aim is to have some great fun. It’s not just the choir; it’s also a social event. After the sing-song we all have lunch together and enjoy each other’s company.”
If you would like any further information or you would like to arrange a to take a photo of the choir please contact Sarah Newall the number below.

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