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PC Smith

PC Smith 1920's
PC Smith 1920's

Hello, I came across your village website by accident today and thought you may be interested in the attached photo. The one with the motorcycle was taken in Great Lane, outside the Police House, the second was poss at the rear of the house (looks nothing like this now) and the other photo is of Greetham school pupils, my mother 6th from the left, second row and her brother 2nd from the left, front row.
My grandfather ,Charles Smith, was Greetham village policeman during the 1920's, after returning to Rutland after the Great War. He and my grandmother, Dolly and their two children, Dorothy (my mum) and her twin brother, Jack, lived in the police house in Great Lane. He patrolled the Great North Road on his motorbike/sidecar. I believe he was the village bobby until approx 1932/3 when unfortunately, he died, I believe as a result of an injury during the war.
My mother and her brother went to the village school and I think they were around fourteen when they left Greetham.
The family moved to South Luffenham where my grandfather and grandmother grew up and where I was born, I now live in North Yorkshire.
I did meet a gentleman by the name of David Bland when I visited the village a few years ago, he actually lived in the old School House and we exchanged some information but I would be interested to know if anyone knows anything about that time or may have heard stories about my grandfather.
Janet Cooper