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Knitted Poppies

Knitted poppies
Those of you who attend the church or walk past it regularly will have realised that the knitted poppies have been removed. I want you to know that we carefully took them down and have stored them away for future events. The ones that were in the churchyard have been washed and have cleaned up beautifully, even the ones from the gate under the lime trees which were in a pretty poor state. It was very moving to look at every one, all hand made by people in the village or with some connection to it. All were slightly different, but done with remembrance in mind. I counted them. There were 342 and that excludes the small ones that were sold for people to wear with the proceeds going to the British Legion and the fund to add the missing name to the memorial plaque in the church.
The plan is to use them again to decorate the church, or other parts of the village if that is wanted, to commemorate the centenary of other key dates from the Great War during the next 4 years, culminating in Remembrance Sunday 2018. These long winter evenings are ideal for knitting, so if you want to carry on knitting poppies, we would be very pleased to have them. If you would like to start, but need some help or encouragement then contact me 868291 or Helen McGarrigle 812804. There were 888,246 poppies at the Tower of London.... Jackie Gauntley