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Happy Memories of Greetham WI
On the afternoon of 10th April Greetham WI hosted a very unusual meeting. Present members, Peggie Butcher, Wynn Dixon, Irene Elson, Hazel Hinch, Pat Kenworthy, Diana Miller, Carol Fairbairn and Gill Hodson, were joined by past members, Anne Beacroft, Mary Easson, Marigold Lammin, Joan Rayson, Glynnis Sellars, Pam Sharpe and Yvonne Smith, for an afternoon of tea and chat.

We sorted through boxes, looked at old photos and newspaper cuttings and happily reminisced about different events - from pancake races to jubilee celebrations, outings to skittle competitions.

We were particularly delighted to have with us Hazel, Joan and Pam as they helped found Greetham WI more than forty years ago. We even found the minutes of the very first meeting!

We continue to be a friendly and active group, meeting on the second Monday of every month at 7.45 pm - the same day and time as was chosen back in 1972.

New members are always very welcome to join us.