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Final Gathering of the Year

It was our last Greetham Gathering of 2023, and everyone was waiting with bated breath due to a changeof weather and a forecast of storms. The day started with a bright blue sky and sunshine, and preparations at the Community Centre got underway.

By 4 pm, the cars and bikes had begun to arrive, and so did the dark clouds. Within 1/2 hour, the first raindrops began to fall, and the rain soon worsened. A couple of entries turned around and returned home, and we suspect there must have been quite a few who changed their minds en route. The storm was well under way within the next 30 minutes, and by 5pm. Thanks to the brilliant tea and cake ladies and the bar staff, everyone was well catered for inside the community centre until the rain stopped. Although the numbers were down to approximately half, we still had a good turnout.

We have been so lucky over the ten years since the gathering began, having only two previous wet meetings. Once again, we must thank all those who have helped at each meeting to make the evenings a success. We are pleased to announce that we
will be handing over a cheque to the Air Ambulance for £6,000, and we look forward to next May when we hope another good season will begin.

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August Gathering

A Decade of Wheels and Friendship - Honouring

Founders and Celebrating Community.

As most of you know, ten years ago, four friends, Gilbert, Roly, Martin and Mike, sat in the Plough and discussed how much the meet at Ashby Folville was missed by bike and motorcar enthusiasts
since it was stopped due to safety and space in the village. After
some deliberation, all four friends agreed that Greetham had enough space at the community centre to accommodate a monthly gathering of enthusiasts who wanted to meet likewise people with the same interests. It was agreed that the ‘ Magnificent 4’ could pull it off for the five summer months of the year and Greetham Gathering was born!

An entry fee of £1 per vehicle was agreed to pay the cost of our village amenities, with any extra money being given to charity. As time wore on, each meeting began to grow in numbers and some quick thinking brought the idea that we needed

a parking area for those who just wanted to view the displays. With people flocking from far and wide, it was decided to rent the extra space in an adjoining field. Wenow have more than 500 cars and vans on the field and around 200 motorbikes and scooters in the car park. Nowadays though, we don’t have to separate the Mods from the Rockers!

Unfortunately, the committee have lost one of its founder members as sadly we had to say goodbye to Martin Fairbairn who passed away just before July’s meeting.

Martin took on the role of secretary and accountant for
the group and did a brilliantjob paying bills, banking, and newsletters. Martin was so
proud of the amount of money that could be donated to the Air Ambulance and to date, this has been a tremendous £ 20,000
plus. It was agreed that as the Air Ambulance could respond to traffic accidents in a much quicker time, they were the chosen charity on behalf of the motoring and biking population in the East Midlands. Everyone who visits the gathering has passed on their condolences and we all agree that Martin will always be remembered fondly as one of the ‘Magnificent 4’ and is sorely missed by all.

August saw another bright and sunny Thursday for the meet
and many returning enthusiasts and lots of new faces made the journey and were amazed at how many different exhibits there were. (cont. overleaf)

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It’s brilliant to see people meeting old friends from the past and having a good old chin wag as well as those forging new friendships with fellow enthusiasts.

Over 500 cars were on the fieldand 200 bikes in the car park were recorded, another superb meeting. None of this would be possible without all the fantastic helpers who have volunteered themselves to the hard work and dedication it takes
to make the Greetham Gathering the success of has become. Roly and Gilbert wish to thank all of you, those who help to advertise, those who help to set up and then clear away in the evening.

Then there is the army of guys who work out on the field and car park directing the exhibits into position for viewing. Special mention

must go to Debbie and Sue and their trusty helpers who take the entrance fee at the top gate, a task which is not as easy as it sounds, especially when a queue builds up as change is counted through car windows.

The original charge was £1 per car, and we also had a raffle to help boost the funds but as time wore

on, there were too many people to get around to so it was agreed to stop the raffle and charge £2 per car, a wise decision and still very good value for four of excellent entertainment. Then, of course, we must mention Maureen and Carol who man the kitchen and along with volunteering ladies

sell tea, coffee and freshly baked cakes to those requiring non- alcoholic beverages. So, we must also thank the generous ladies

of Greetham who donate those delicious cakes every month.

Many of our visitors don’t have time for a meal before the gathering and here we meet Andy and those who help him to feed the hungry travellers such fare as curry and rice, beefburgers, hot dogs, and chips all freshly cooked on site. All helpers who wear ahigh vis jacket can have a serving of their chosen meal at no cost to themselves as a thank you on the day, so thanks also go to Andy’s Army.

Then, who goes to these outdoor

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Greetham Goes Wild!

Greetham Goes Wild! Photographic

Competition Winners Announced

The Greetham Goes Wild! stand at the church fete was a fantastic success. The photographic competition attracted an amazing 33 entries, with a wide range of flora and fauna subjects.

Among the standout submissions, young Joshua Glover emerged victorious in the under 8 category with a fantastic compositioncapturing the vibrant flowers in Merry’s Meadows

Meanwhile, the under 18 win
was claimed by 10-year-old Toby Cowling, whose enchanting close- up shot of flowers at Greetham Open Gardens captured the essence of botanical splendor.

The final winner was named as Andy Smith, whose mesmerising close-up picture of a hedgehog stole the hearts of the judges.

Questionnaires were handed out on the day, to gauge support for future biodiversity projects in

A great snap by Andy Smith

the village. If you are interested
in getting involved, whether it be improving your garden or assisting with surveys and planting projects, contact Karen on tel. 812808 for a questionnaire to complete.

This was just the beginning, as more projects are already in the pipeline. Stay tuned for updates through the village newsletter and the Greetham Goes Wild! Facebook page, as we embark on an exciting journey to elevate our village into a sanctuary for wildlife.

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Greetham Open Gardens

Greetham’s Open Gardens Raise £1085 for Church Restoration

In a delightful showcase of horticultural splendor, ten breathtaking gardens from Great Lane to Church Lane were recently open to the public, raising an impressive total of £1085.

With scorching temperatures, teas in the beautifully cool church were very welcome. The highly anticipated plant sale was also a hit, with a wide variety of plants attracting eager buyers. Gratitude is extended to all who opened their gardens, baked cakes, sold tickets, and contributed to the successful fundraising efforts.
The funds raised will support repairs for the village church’s restoration fund, with a focus on repairing the clock chimes.

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WI Outing 2023

WI Members Enjoy Annual Outing

On a scorching Monday in June, 13 enthusiastic members of the Greetham Women’s Institute (WI) embarked on their annual outing, visiting Wimpole Hall,

a magnificent property in Cambridgeshire under the care of the National Trust. Despite the blistering heat, the members were eager to explore the Estate and make the most of their summer adventure

After a necessary stop off at the cafe to cool down with a chilled drink, the group set off to explore the Estate. The Hall provided a break from the heat and they were able to meander around the cooling rooms and soak up the atmosphere of

the building, while the very knowledgeable guides explained much of its history. Afterwards those keen to explore the grounds ventured into the sun once more to find the small

farm and walk around the walled gardens, finally stopping at the cafe once again to cool down with ice creams before starting the journey back to Greetham. It was a great day out which was enjoyed by all.

Next month (10th July), WI members will gather at the Community Centre for a talk by Lizzie Jordan on her experience in an amateur production of ‘Calendar Girls’.

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