Welcome to Greetham, Rutland

Greetham is a rural village situated in Rutland, England's smallest county. It is some six miles from Oakham and very close to Rutland Water which is internationally recognised as a globally important wetland site. It has a very active community with a warm and friendly atmosphere. In addition to two excellent pubs, village shop, a premier golf course nearby and a thriving community centre.

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Message from Wildlife trust

I see from your web site that Greetham has a good community spirit.  So could I please ask you to use this to help with a problem.

I was at Merrys Meadow today – I volunteer with the Wildlife Trust and along with many others have spent many hard working days to conserve and improve the site for wildlife.  There have been successes, and one recent one is the nesting of a very scarce ground nesting bird and to protect this there is a clear sign on the entrance that dogs must be kept on a lead.

Today I met a couple who blatantly ignored this and I raised an objection to their selfish behaviour.  I saw that they walked back along the road to Greetham from the parking place so are local.

If you’d care to walk down the track from the parking place towards the nature reserve you’ll see how much care some dog walkers take to clear up their dog mess.

There has been other irresponsible behaviour – a gate which was locked to keep cattle in was taken off its hinges by someone who thought it their right to do so thereby allowing cattle to graze where they shouldn’t.

Greetham is fortunate to have such a valuable site close by, and the privilege to be able to relax and exercise there – there is no automatic right of access to Wildlife Trust sites but the Trusts wants people to use them responsibly.

So will you please raise this locally and campaign to support this important nature reserve and help get people to realise that they have a responsibility when visiting the site.

Thank you

Keith Larkin


Diabetes Prevention

The Diabetes Prevention programme is a free service for people who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes in our area. We focus on helping people to maintain a healthy weight, increase their physical activity levels and improve their diet, empowering them to take charge of their health and wellbeing and learn how to prevent Type 2 diabetes.NHS England are temporarily allowing people who score moderate to high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes (a score of 16+) on a short questionnaire called the Know Your Risk Tool (https://preventing-diabetes.co.uk/know-your-risk-dtc/) to sign up for our programme if they wish to. This pathway is only available until 30th September 2021 and so we hope to support as many people as we can to get access onto our programme before then.

It must be out there somewhere.