Village meeting Chair's report 2017

2016/17 Greetham Parish Council Chair’s Report.

I would like to give a report on our council’s efforts and results for this year. We have achieved many goals, both short and long term. We have also initiated other ideas which we will roll out in the years ahead.

  1. During this last year we completed our Neighbourhood Plan and have now put it out for evaluation before it hopefully comes back to be voted on by the village in the not too distant future. If adopted, it will be a useful tool that gives a clear view of how we see our village developing.

  2. Great Lane now has a splendid avenue of trees that are a real joy to walk through. This type of environmental project takes a lot of effort to get off the ground, but will give pleasure to villagers for many years ahead. We should be proud that our village in its own small way is helping to promote environmental policies.

  3. The setting up of focus groups to help research and advise the full council has been another positive development this year. We will, I am sure, benefit from councillors being responsible for sub sections of our overall workload and giving better information for the full council to decide on. We have also involved members of the public to contribute to our knowledge base and aid the councillors on their focus groups agendas. The more the public engage with us the more likely we are to get the issues sorted that people care about.

  4. We have continued to support our Community Centre and congratulate it on its continued growth and success. Lettings are well up and regular favourites like The Gathering and Comedy Night ensure varied entertainment on our doorstep. This year’s largest project has been the new kitchen, which I think you will agree, improves the offer when renting out to hirers and also will be a huge asset for all our village occasions. New lighting for the car park is on its way and a new heating system is 2017’s big challenge. A lot of people do not realise how hard the Community Centre committee members and other supporters work, to keep the place running. They have so many tasks that are carried out by unsung heroes. If anyone can help by volunteering for the many little jobs, I know they would be very much appreciated.

  5. We have a new bench on the church green which was donated by the Parish Council in memory of Roger Begy. He did so much for Greetham and Rutland and this is a great spot to sit at the heart of our village and remember him fondly.



    Our Parish Council continues to try and make Greetham a great place to live and we try to put community at the centre of our daily lives. I offer a big thank you to all of our councillors for the many hours of work that they volunteer freely, to help steer us through Greetham’s challenges.


    Finally I would like to offer a big thank you to Anne, our clerk, for keeping us on track while cheerfully monitoring and dealing with great and small issues in a measured and responsible manner. Her work for the Community Centre team has also been one of the factors of the centre’s success story.


    Let us hope the year ahead will be equally successful and that we achieve a great deal for our wonderful village.


     Ken Edward Chair GPC