Parish Council AGM Minutes 9th May 2018

Greetham Village Meeting 9th May 2018

@7.00 pm


Greetham Parish Council AGM Agenda 9th May 2018

@7.15 pm


Greetham Community Centre


Followed by the May meeting @7.30 pm.





Councillors : Mrs J. Denyer (JD) ;Mr K. Edward (KE) ; Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH) ; Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Mrs R. Marshall (RM); R. Oakes (RO).

Also in attendance: Councillor N. Begy (Ward Member)

Members of the public: 22


Village Meeting

Points raised:


Traffic issues throughout the village

Wheatsheaf footpath




Apologies for absence



None received.



Election of Chair for the coming year



Ken Edward 

Proposed: DH

Seconded :JD

Carried unanimously



Election of Vice-Chair for the coming year



Jane Denyer 

Proposed : RO

Seconded : RM

Carried unanimously



Approval of the minutes of the AGM held on May 3rd 2017



Proposed : JD

Seconded : DH

Carried unanimously



Matters arising






Review of all Standing Orders including Financial Regulations



Standing Orders are reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year

Proposed accept version as reviewed at the January 2018 meeting.

Proposed: AJ

Seconded: JD


A proposed amendment to the Greetham Parish Councillor’s Code of Conduct is scheduled for the June meeting. 



Review of Asset Register



Proposed: JD

Seconded: DH

Carried unanimously



Review of Insurance



Proposed: KE

Seconded: PH

Carried unanimously



Review of Council’s membership of other bodies



LRALC membership for 2018/9 confirmed



Election of Councillors to Community Centre Committee



K E/ J D /D H

Proposed: RM

Seconded: PH

Carried unanimously



Election of Tree Warden



P H Proposed: KE 

Seconded: AJ



Confirmation of Councillors to Neighbourhood Plan Committee




Proposed: KE

Seconded: JD



Election of Burial Ground Committee



K E/ J D with Clerk

Proposed: DH

Seconded: RM



Bank Signatories



Remain as is 



Election of Quarterly Account Auditor (with Clerk)




Proposed: KE

Seconded : JD



Report from Chair of 2017- 2018 Activities and achievements.



See below




2017/18 Greetham Parish Council Chair’s Report.

I would like to give a report on our Parish Council’s actions and results for this year. Much has been achieved, with many councillors spending large amounts of time in researching and implementing future projects. I would like to thank all councillors for their contributions and support for our village and for helping to try and make Greetham such a good place to live. I would especially like to thank my vice-chair, whose hard work and balanced advice has been invaluable.

During this last year we completed our Neighbourhood Plan and have had it adopted by Rutland County Council. It is a useful tool that gives a clear view of how we see our village developing. It also gives us guidance for how the village feels on specific issues that were raised during the surveys that were carried out. This, together with growing public attendance at our meetings, ensures we can reflect more accurately what the village feels on various topics. Large projects, like the development of the old Ram Jam Inn site on the A1, are in the pipeline and we hope that CIL money raised from this project will be available, if the development goes ahead. We are also actively fighting the possible over development of the village, proposed in Rutland County Council’s draft local plan. This RCC plan is now being re submitted, to consider the St Georges Barracks development. We hope this will mean a less aggressive approach from RCC, regarding large developments around our village.

Our use of the projector at meetings has made it much easier for everyone to understand planning applications and other literature. This, together with our own PC printing ability, has enabled us to produce paperwork more easily and quickly. 

The new housing being built on the Garden Centre site, together with the completed extension to Northbrook Close, will give us an opportunity to add to our human resources in the village. A larger number of residents also helps to support our precept and keeps costs and increases down. Greetham has always welcomed newcomers and hopefully all our village organisations can benefit from the new residents.

Issues such as parking problems outside the village shop and the narrowness of the pavement at the corner of Oak House are being looked at and we hope to have positive feedback shortly. Also, after a survey letter in the Church Lane area of the village, we are approaching RCC for signage to deter unsuitable vehicles going down Church Lane by mistake. 

Great Lane’s avenue of trees is thriving. It is a real joy to walk along this green lane and even in this short time, the trees are starting to make a real difference to the aspect, when walking north of the village. The spinney on the Community Centre field is also looking great and plans are afoot in the year ahead to possibly plant a willow tunnel to provide a natural play area for the children of Greetham. There is also a plan being formulated for further planting of trees in the parish, with full support from RCC. Environmental projects like this will give pleasure to villagers for many years to come and we should be proud that our village is helping to promote environmentally aware policies. 

Other environmentally friendly village projects include the community centre focussing on reducing the use of plastic in the centre. Regular village clean ups also keep our village so much more pleasant to walk around than many others in Rutland. Extra bins for dog waste are transforming people’s dog walking habits and the free supply of disposal bags has helped in this endeavour. There is still a fair way to go on this issue and I ask all dog owners to behave responsibly. There will be new benches for walkers to rest on, when walking up Great Lane’s tree avenue, in a few months’ time. These have been generously donated by villagers and further support the ability for everyone to get out and enjoy our lovely village.

As part of the Parish Council’s remit, several Parish Councillors sit on the Community Centre committee. We can report that the Community Centre has had a challenging year. With an enormous amount of hard work, they are now lucky to have an ever-improving facility. The new kitchen has delighted renters of the hall and makes it much easier to cater for events. The breakdown of the heating system was something they knew would happen sooner or later. The temporary heating has got them through the winter and, with a grant from Rutland County Council and funds from the Community Centre, they will now have a modern gas fired system installed over the next two months. This will be cheaper and more convenient to run, with easier controls for setting user times. The play area group have been very successful and have now secured full funding for the amazing state of the art play area. A contribution of £27,500 was received from RCC to go towards funding this project. This will make such a difference for youngsters in the village, as they will now have somewhere to meet their friends and not have to travel out of the village for this type of facility. The usual wonderful selection of village functions arranged throughout the year has helped entertain everyone and raise much needed funds for the continual updating of all the centre’s assets. The Safari Supper, Comedy evening, Summer Ball, Bingo and The Gathering, to name just a few, all produce much needed funds for the centre and help support many deserving charities as well.

Finally, I would like to once again offer a big thank you to our clerk for keeping us in order and on track. Her cheery monitoring and dealing with great and small issues, in a measured and responsible manner, keeps everything running smoothly. Her continued work for the Community Centre team has also been part of the centre’s success story.

Let’s hope that, in the year ahead, we will have constructive support, good decisions and balanced viewpoints so that our village can grow and thrive.


Ken Edward

Chair of Greetham Parish Council


Drafted by Anne Basden (Clerk to Greetham Parish Council)