Parish Council Minutes 10th July 2019

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes Wednesday July 10th, 2019

Greetham Community Centre @ 7.30 pm

Members: Mrs S. Begy (SB); Mrs J. Denyer (JD) ; Mr K. Edward (Chair);Mr P. Hitchcox (PH) ; Mr D. Hodson(DH) ; Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Mr R. Kinchen (RK).

Members Present: Mrs S. Begy (SB); Mrs J. Denyer (JD) ; Mr K. Edward (KE); Mr D. Hodson(DH) ; Mrs A. Jenkins(AJ) ; Mr R. Kinchen (RK).

10 Members of public attended Plus Nick Begy Ward Member

Comments: Quarry Dust, Blocked Drains, Vegetation in stream at various locations, Traffic in Main Street, Church Lane – persistent problems with lorries and caravans. Chicane damage to tyres


Apologies for absence and changes of procedure.  


P Hitchcox

It was reported that the Clerk had offered her resignation and the Parish Council accepted it.


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted.


A Jenkins – Planning application 2019/0571/ful and 2019/0572/LBA

D Hodson RFO  - on matters financial


Approval of minutes from June 12th 2019


Proposed: AJ     Seconded: SB  carried unanimously


Matters arising.



Blocked drains Church Lane & Main Street junction. Thistleton Rd & Path dust by quarry and accident damage to path.  Letter sent to RCC re. site visit.  Acknowledged but requires follow up.

Manhole cover on the pavement on Main Street near Pond Lane reported and now repaired.

Capping stone loose on bridge at bottom of Great Lane.  Reported by Chair to Highways who will repair.

Lovells Tree Planting – still not completed PH to follow up

Northbrook Tree Planting: Forestry Commission to chase and escalate

Quarry Dust:   Greetham Villagers to raise petition re. issues of dust.  Need to identify areas worst affected.  GPC would be pleased to present petition to RCC Environmental Health upon completion.

Church Lane Restriction Signs: Agreed with RCC that signs are appropriate but proliferation of signage on corner of Church Lane an issue.  Traffic Focus Group to contact Highways to look at ways of reducing signage and to request a curve on the corner of the chicane by Oak House.














Monthly Statement Sheet distributed in advance.

Approve 2018/9 Audit

Approve revised AGAR 3 Section 1

Approve revised AGAR 3 Section 2.

GPC have been granted an extension to 23rd July for submission.

Proposed: KE    Seconded:   RK    Carried unanimously

Elect RFO.  Dave Hodson elected RFO.  proposed:  KE   Seconded:  AJ  carried unanimously.

Set up process for VAT reclaim of last 3 years

Monthly Budget update distributed in advance

Payments for approval

Clerk’s final salary July £166.74 (no holiday pay applicable)

Proposed:  JD   Seconded:  SB   carried unanimously

Request from Community Centre for contribution towards Sugar, Tea & Coffee £30

Proposed:  AJ    Seconded:  RK    carried unanimously

Donation request from CAB (Last Year £250)

Proposed:  RK   Seconded:   SB    carried unanimously

Audit LRALC Stuart Mc Donald £210

Proposed:  JD   Seconded:  SB    carried unanimously

To complete AGAR 3 £200 – C/F to next meeting

Proposed:  KE    Seconded:  AJ   carried unanimously.

Reimbursement to DH: NALC Expo - Entry cost -£21+ £29 towards petrol (188 miles). = Total £50 – For information only.

Raise an invoice for:  Water Plus £10.98 and Defibrillator battery £225 + VAT, and paddles £35.00 + VAT.  To be formerly approved in September meeting.

Proposed:  SB    Seconded:  RK   carried unanimously.

NOTE:  S. Begy to take over monitoring/checking of Defibrillator


Proposed sale of Computer for £175

Proposed:  KE    Seconded:   RK    Carried unanimously

DH to remove from Asset Register

Update on Internet Bank Account – Change over to new account by end of August

Vote of Thanks to D. Hodson for all his efforts in sorting out our revised AGAR .












Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website


2019/0571/FUL First floor extensions & two storey extension. Detached garage. Conversion of existing outbuilding to gym/workshop/study & store. 1 No. dwelling with attached garage.

45 - 47 Main Street Greetham Rutland.

2019/0572/LBA First floor extensions & two storey extension. Demolition work. Replacement of windows and doors. Internal alterations. Conversion of existing outbuilding to gym/workshop/study & store. 45 - 47 Main Street Greetham Rutland

  1. It would be a significant improvement to the visual amenity of the village were the property to be renovated as it is now in a serious state of disrepair. There is the possibility that the end wall of the thatched dwelling is unstable and may collapse onto the road. Tiles from the barn are falling onto the road (which has been drawn to the attention of RCC).
  2. There is a conflict of interest between the desire to see the property improved and the need to take due recognition of Material Planning Objections.
  3. Objections:

a)       It cannot be easily determined whether the footprint of the proposed new dwelling lies within the planned limits of development as required by both the Local Plan and the Greetham Neighbourhood Plan. This should be checked.


Rutland County Council Core Strategy Development Plan Document, 11th July 2011 “Planned Limits of Development”. Policy CS4

Greetham Neighbourhood Plan “Planned Limits of Development”. Policy HD1

b)      Additional dwelling does not comply with Greetham Neighbourhood Plan Policy HD2 – “Development should be predominately a mix of 1,2,and 3 bedroom properties”

c)       The proposed new dwelling will dominate the Grade 2 listed building by virtue it being on higher ground, as can be seen from the site elevations.

d)      The vehicular exit on to Main Street is very hazardous due to the below standard visibility splays and the parking of vehicles on the road opposite the exit.

e)      Parking is already a major concern in the road and any increase due to additional dwellings in this location (with inadequate parking) would be undesirable.

  1. Should Planning permission be granted, the thatch should be of the same type as existing and a restriction should be included, preventing the barn ever being used as a residential dwelling.

Proposed:    RK    Seconded:   KE   carried unanimously


Focus Groups

1.       Planning. DH/AJ/RK

Update on Local Plan Review, Summary of Consultation Process published.   NB to provide Local Plan update for next meeting

Update re Ram Jam Appeal - DH & NB attended, appeal decision awaited.  No date given

2.       Traffic/Footpaths/Pavements/Lighting. PH/AJ/RK

3.       Burial Ground. SB/KE/JD

Rules of BG, update to be done. Plan meeting with all members to progress.

S. Begy and J. Denyer to review process and update Burial Ground Rules and Regulations for September meeting.

4.       Trees/ Benches/ Clean up SB/PH/AJ

Litter pick date Saturday November 2nd for the Autumn Clear Up. A request to reserve equipment has been made.

Ann Jenkins to chase Ben Johnson RCC for confirmation that equipment will be available for 2nd November Litter Pick.

Benches – S. Begy to propose another site for bench at next meeting.

Great Lane Trees:  No 45 tree (2nd planting) is poorly.  P. Hitchcox to advise what can be done to remedy this.

5.       Jacob’s Well DH/JD

Meeting held.  Agreed that we should seek discussions with RCC regarding a kerb line and paving in front of Jacob’s Well.  Request to Parish Council to proceed with this.

6.       Community Centre Grant Projects JD/KE

Bar renovations to commence 19th July.

7.       Community Garden Group DH

Christmas tree for green will be responsibility of Focus Group, together with the oversight of the village green.

Permission has been granted by the Diocese of Peterborough for commencement of planting at the entrance of Greetham Vicarage.








Community Centre


Report from CC representatives.

It is proposed to look at the format of the Community Centre Meetings.

Finance – Budget for year requested.

Blue Sky – Go ahead given to seek grant s to upgrade tennis courts.  Go ahead to seek quotes for removing stud wall, installing patio doors and patio.


Welcome Card Visit


Welcome card required for Begy Gardens



Correspondence and Communication


Greetham Community Centre request

CAB request

Letters to Highways re drains, flooding and manhole cover + replies

RCC letter re Chicken House comment

Letters re Clean Update

Letter from Community Speed Watch – advised that we are not now eligible.


Reports from outside bodies

D. Hodson attended NALC Forum

Good neighbour Scheme is closing due to lack of uptake. Those who have previously used the GGNS have been provided with contact names and numbers for any future needs.


Items for future agendas


Poppy display review ideas – suggested a display of poppies on village green sign - to be discussed at September meeting


Date of next PC Meeting

No meeting in August

Next Meeting Wednesday September 11th, 2019 + Any Extra Meetings for Planning or special urgent items.

Extra Meeting called for 8.30 on 12th July.


Note items to be filed on Dropbox from this meeting for future reference.

All invoices

All communications