Parish Council Minutes 12th December 2018

          Greetham Parish Council Agenda December 12th 2018

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr Cooper (MC); Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Councillor Nick Begy (NB).

In attendance: 9 members of the public

Some of the points raised by the public: Farmer’s viewpoints re issues with mud on roads, Overflights of aircraft, Drain blockages, Use of CC field, Donation board at CC , Bridge Lane planning concerns and Permanent Christmas Tree on green.

Apologies for absence.  


Mr P Hitchcox; Mrs A. Jenkins. Resignation received from  Mr M. Cooper (this position will not be replaced as the elections are in May)


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted


None given


Approval of minutes from 14TH November


Proposed: RK  Seconded: DH  Carried unanimously


Matters arising



Blocked drains – Stretton Road and rest of village. Action: Ward Member to contact RCC

Response from RCC regarding Church Lane at bottom of Shepherds Lane and corner with Main Street where flooding takes place. As above.

Plaques for benches.  In hand.

Unmarked graves update. All resolved.

Feedback from Lovell’s meeting regarding tree planting. Following a meeting at Lovell’s work has commenced. This is being monitored by the Tree Warden.

Burial Ground water. This has now been turned off to prevent issues with freezing.




For information:

Clerks salary: £166.53

Poppies: £80

Defib approx. £25

Seasonal expenditure: £40

For approval:


Parish council Newsletter. Three quotes received.

Quoin Print.                                   £380. (Local) includes artwork
Think Digital.                                 £300. (Local) includes artwork
Network Print and Design.           £245 (in Yorkshire) includes artwork

Accept Think Digital  print quote proposed: JD  Seconded: DH  Carried unanimously

Laptop: £400 approx. Replacement lap top for Clerk. Proposed: KE  Seconded: RK  Carried unanimously

Budget requirements for 2019. All Councillors are requested to submit financial requirements, in advance of the next meeting, for Focus Group commitments in 2019.


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website


Tree and hedge planning – Lovells. Covered in Matters Arising.



Crown trees

3, Main Street.

Tree Warden report recommends support for this application.

Proposed: RK Seconded: RO  Carried unanimously


19, Main Street

PROPOSAL: Removal of internal walls between back hallway, old utility area, cupboard and garden room to make one large space. Removal of ceiling in the old utility area, hallway and garden room to expose roof structure. Support walls and ceilings following the removal of walls with RSJ and purlings

Planning Focus Group report recommends support for this application.

Proposed: RK Seconded:



Update re dangerous roof – Main Street. No response has been received from the report of this to RCC. Action: Ward MemberJD Carried unanimously


Road conditions


Following beet harvesting in November Main Street was heavily covered in mud. Two accidents occurred as a consequence. RCC cleaned the road three times. Mud still remains for a portion of the road from Church Lane to The Old Post Office. Action: Ward Member to liaise with RCC.


Focus groups.


Terms of Membership; all volunteers and P.C’s to sign.

Mission statements for each focus group received.

Footpath and Clean Up Focus Group


The Focus Group will regularly monitor the Greetham Footpaths, to ensure they are in good order and report any issues to RCC.

To organise village clean ups every 6 months.


The Focus Group will:-

1.    Lobby RCC to install average/or fixed speed cameras on Main Street.

2.   Lobby for the restriction of HGV’s through the village.

3.   The group will investigate the possibility of monitoring and measuring the air quality, pollution noise and vibration on Main Street.

4.    The group strongly advocates the re-instatement of a plan for a future by-pass around Greetham and Cottesmore

 Jacobs Well and Tourism Mission Statement

1. To restore Jacob’s Well to good condition in the next three years.

2. To provide tourist information boards at three locations around the village in the next two years.


1. To look at possibilities for placing more benches within the parish

2. To ensure that current benches and seats are properly and regularly maintained


1. To continue -with support of RCC Forestry Officer-the current planting scheme to extend trees along the B668 towards Cottesmore and the A1

2   To seek out appropriate places within the parish to develop tree and hedge planting to benefit the environment and enhance our parish

Planning Focus Group Mission Statement

To provide appropriate information and recommendations on significant Planning applications to the full Parish Council

Identification of Coordinator for each group, selected with responsibility for presenting brief notes at meetings is required for the next meeting.

Traffic focus group information – Local Transport plan 4 response. Distributed to Councillors.


Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


St George’s Barracks. Confirmation of final opinion of Greetham Parish Council.


Community Centre

Request from GPC for protocol on use of CCTV.

Willow tunnel to be planted near the Copse..

Christmas tree on Village Green. A risk assessment has been submitted to GPC and monitoring will take place daily.


Welcome Pack


Map – division of village for delivery of welcome Pack distributed.

This will be amended to show RO as responsible for Lovells Estate (Begy Gardens)


Parish Council Magazine


All Councillors are thanked for their input. This is now ready for printing. Volunteers are required for delivery


Correspondence and Communication


Oak House  - communication regarding RCC commitment to maintain the barrier until the path is widened

Energy Advise Centre (suggested method of publishing includes Facebook and the Noticeboard)

Street lighting proposed costs. Costs will increase in 2019. Please report any lights not working through the RCC website.

Request for defib training. Heartbeat contacted to arrange this.


Reports from outside bodies


Parish Forum – 10th Dec. Report from previous meeting received and circulated.

Exton and Greetham School lunch and concert both attended. GPC would like to express congratulations to the school.


Items for a future agenda



Date of next meeting and AGM

Wednesday January 9th 2019

Propose May AGM date  2019 to be changed to accommodate elections