Parish Council Minutes 13th March 2019

          Greetham Parish Council Agenda March 13th 2019

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Ward Councillor: Nick Begy (NB)

In attendance:  6 members of the public

Church Lane drains – NB


Apologies for absence.  




Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted


None given


Approval of minutes from February 13th


 Proposed: DH Seconded: JD


Matters arising


Response to comments made by public at February meeting:

Church Lane potholes and drains – actioned by RCC. Now re-blocked (– re-reported by NB)

Cones in Church Lane – removed.

Church Lane signage – update. NB Objection received so on hold till resolved. Possible solution – remove 20 mph sign. This will be discussed at the meeting with Leicestershire Police and RCC Highways next week.

Village Sign – proposed move. Quote for moving required – Clerk.  


Blocked drains in various locations. Work scheduled for March 4th has now started.

Lovell’s - tree planting. 44 trees to be planted – 26 done, one of which has blown down. Forestry Officer informed. Concerns to be repeated.

Meeting with Senior Traffic Management Officer (questions prepared). Also Highways Rutland. Questions prepared by GPC and TRASP. Responses to be published

Bench plaques, due to be delivered very shortly.



Motion: Greetham Parish Council adopts website on behalf of and for the benefit of the Village.

The current Website will close down and then be taken over by over by the PC.

Proposed: DH     Seconded:  RK Carried unanimously.

Update on current and previous agendas and minutes on website. Currently these documents are ‘retired’ when new ones are posted. The rebuild will allow them to be stored for 2 years.




Monthly figures presented. Will be on drop box. Prediction of budget will be presented monthly. The new council may change the budget.

The Councillor nominated to oversee finances will be nominated when the new council is voted in.

DH will take this role until then.

For information:

Clerks salary, February: £166.53

HMRC (Clerk’s salary – tax, June, September, December) £375

Computer: £340

For approval:

£500 (plus VAT) to rebuild website and make it smartphone friendly (responsive design). Proposed: JD   Seconded: KE

 Carried unanimously


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



Update re dangerous roof – Main Street. The owners will be contacted by RCC Officers as this is considered dangerous.


Two storey detached dwelling house and associated works. Land adjacent to 29, Stretton Road. Greetham.

Planning Application Reference 2019-0149-FUL

New two storey Dwelling Stretton Road

Planning Focus Group comments

Comment status: Objection

1.             This application does not conform to Rutland County Council Core Strategy Development Plan Document, 11th July 2011 as the proposed development is outside the ‘Planned Limits of Development’. Policy CS4

2.             This application does not conform to Greetham Neighbourhood Plan as the proposed development is outside the ‘Planned Limits of Development’. Policy HD 1.

3.             The Parish Council views this as a ‘ribbon’ development, linearly extending the village, which is undesirable.

4.             The Parish Council notes that an application for a similar property in 2005 was rejected.

5.             The Parish Council notes that the land on which this property is proposed has also been put forward for development in the Local Plan Review.

6.             The materials specified in the design and Access statement application states ‘ironstone’; the village is traditionally limestone 

7.             The access point is unsuitable; it is close to a bend in the road where a fatal accident has occurred.

Approved: DH  Seconded BW Carried unanimously



Travellers site. GPC request RCC involvement in addressing concerns. Cars appear to have been abandoned in the next field. Clerk to confirm position of site causing concern. 




Road conditions


A date has been given for repair to Main Street near old Post Office. This will involve a road closure. GPC will publicise the dates.



Focus groups and committees


Litter pick 16/3/19 @10.00 am. (Community Centre)Health and safety regulations and equipment supplied. 

Proposal by Councillor Hodson to form a new focus group called ‘Community Garden Group’. GPC will formally request permission from the Church to utilise the identified land and other areas identified. Delayed until the election of the new council.

Burial Ground Committee. More natural area proposed; for the new council.

Tree warden report; apple trees at Ram Jam. 10 grafts have been taken. GPC thank the villager who undertook the work and will offer to contribute towards the cost. Once established the grafted stock will be planted in village.


Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


 Next draft of the local Plan due in May. This is a tentative timespan.

Woolfox. GPC have received a letter from Adam Murray regarding consultation on the development of Woolfox. A response will be compiled which states consultation is not planned at the present.


Community Centre

Update on bar refurbishment. RCC still to respond regarding grant. Refrigeration in cellar starts this week.

The willow tunnel is now in situ.

Community policeman has further advised on CCTV protocol and the protocol is being redrafted.



Welcome Pack


Redesigned contact card.

Ideas for redesigned ‘Welcome to Greetham’ leaflet. May agenda item


Correspondence and Communication


Health Bus.  Permission given to park in village.

Safer Village. Applied for.

Rutland Choice Unlimited. 3rd April

Communication from parishioner regarding width of path. Reply; as far as we are aware there is no retrospective legal minimum width.

Communication from parishioner regarding contact details for TRASP; the coordinator will be contacted.

Rural Strategy – PH will review the documentation.

Volunteers to hear reading ; put poster up on PC noticeboard


Reports from outside bodies


Parish forum.

LARAC – training courses for newly elected Councillors. RCC may also organise this.


Items for a future agenda and election update.


 Timetable. Process for applying to be a Councillor.  Application forms distributed; due in to RCC on or after the 25th March and before the 3rd April

Roles and responsibilities.


Date of next meeting and AGM

April  10th 2019

May 22nd 2019