Parish Council Minutes February 2018

Greetham Parish Council Minutes February 5th 2018
Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm
Members present: Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair) Mr P. Hitchcox; Mr D Hodson;
Dr R. Oakes; Mrs A. Jenkins; Mrs S. Begy; Mrs R. Marshall (RM)
Members of the public - 6
Crash gates lamp post.
Drains – Thistleton Lane
Burial ground water pipe update.
Pavement and road at quarry
Construction of temporary car park at rear of Northbrook Close.
Builders waste at rear of Northbrook Close
Apologies received from Ward Member.
Apologies for absence

Ken Edward

Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda

None given

Approval of minutes from January 15th 2018

Proposed: AJ Seconded: SB Unanimous

Matters arising


Cycle path signage (Ward Member) – For next meeting

Jacob’s Well (DH) – A meeting arranged to review the current situation and plan for the future. Update for next meeting. DH
New quotes for lawnmower insurance. A cheaper quote is not achievable.
Great Lane grit bin. RCC are unable to facilitate this at present but a review is due which may enable GPC to purchase grit for a bin not provided by RCC.
Lane to Burial Ground update. The adoption of the road by RCC requires for it to be kept at a given standard for 2 years.
Street Scene – research ongoing. For a future agenda. (JD)


For information:
Water bill (burial ground) £95.47
Playground expenditure:
Dave Green Gardens £200 (£2300 remaining ring fenced)
Instant Eden £15.00. (Fixing new dog waste bin)
£25,000 Playground grant received from RCC

Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website

PROPOSAL: Change of use of 5.1 acre field for use as a dog walking paddock. The site will be fully enclosed with a 2.1m galvanised mesh panel fence system, powder coated in green and trenched 0.3m underground to ensure no dogs can escape. A 200m² tarmac driveway area and a second set of double gates will be added within the hammerhead entrance area.
Land To The North Of Greetham Wood, Stretton Road, Greetham, Rutland
Comments: Support
Proposed: RM Seconded: SB Unanimous

Focus groups.

Lighting appraisal. RM
4 places are identified as badly lit in Main Street – outside number 66; outside number 3; outside number 15; and at Locks Close (no pole).
Correspondence received from resident regarding lighting in Church Lane.
GPC are aware of the diverse views regarding additional lighting, including the consideration of light pollution.
Action: Further investigation of areas within the village; identification of key areas and submission of findings to a future meeting. (JD/RM/SB)
Tree focus group (PH) – The RCC Tree Officer is available for a meeting on 22/2/18 at 9.30 to draw up a long term tree planting programme for the village. To be presented to the Parish Council for a decision. Action: Tree focus group.
Traffic focus group (traffic survey NB) Carried forward.
Tourist Signage. Ongoing. SB/ PH to support fact finding.

Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan

Response to letter to RCC regarding power to Quarry Site. RCC respond that no instruction has been given to Western Power to prepare for electricity provision at the proposed quarry site.

Response from RCC regarding selection of sites anomalies between Cottesmore and Greetham. No response has been received to date.

A letter to RCC regarding allocation of housing to Greetham in comparison to Ketton/ Market Overton / Ryhall/ Whissendine/ Cottesmore/ Langham/ Empingham/ Edith Weston/ Great Casterton is proposed, from the PC Proposed: AJ Seconded: PH Carried unanimously.

Lovell’s houses are currently being marketed as being in Cottesmore. GPC will confirm with RCC that the addresses are in Greetham and clarify any post code anomaly.

Playground Project

£25,000 grant received from RCC.
£6738 received from the Lottery Fund, specifically for the under 5’s area.
2 remaining grant applications decisions awaited.

Floods, sewers and surface water / Conservation and environmental issues

Defra/RCC Environmental Officer update.
An Avian flu update has been provided. Avian flu is confirmed as the cause of some of the duck deaths in Greetham. All requirements by Defra are being conformed to by local farmers. An update will be provided at the next meeting.
There is no evidence of contamination of the stream from any source.
The condition of the road and path outside the quarry is reported as unacceptable. The drains are also blocked by silt in this area. RCC to be contacted. Proposed: SB Seconded: R M Carried unanimously

Communication from a resident concerning high water levels in the stream has been discussed with RCC and attributed to high rainfall.

Community Centre Update

RCC confirm that a grant will be considered to support the provision of a new heating system. Quotes are being obtained.

Boundaries and voting

There are no changes to Greetham Ward.
The report shows that there is no national guidance on numbers in a ward, the costs involved are not available; there is no obtainable record of decisions.

Correspondence and Communication

Lovells parking – Communication and photos from resident. RCC, Lovells, Rutland Police contacted and measures put in place.
LRALC – Data protection. For a future agenda.
LRALC in Uppingham. How local and neighbourhood plans impact. DH to attend.
Church Lane lighting (covered in the agenda)
Grit bins (covered in the agenda)
Bus stop enhancements. RCC require a list of improvements required. Action: PH to compile and present to the next meeting.

Reports from outside bodies

Tree Warden – Copse at rear of Northbrook. Forestry Commissioner will seek appropriate powers to enforce replacement of trees. Tree Warden to update the Forestry Commission on the construction of a parking facility in this place. Clerk to liaise with RCC regarding requirement for planning permission and to report building waste materials left there.

Parish Forum – Barrowden Parish Council have identified an issue with planning control and independent building control being used. It is advocated that pressure is placed on the government to bring these two elements back under one umbrella.
St Georges barracks development update. Plans indicate the development of a ‘village’ about the size of Uppingham, with substantial quarry workings alongside.
Financial update – Council tax will be rising by 4.9% this year and 5% in subsequent years. This is caused by lack of financial support from central government.

RCC Conservation Officer. Evidence is being compiled of any issues encountered by the lack of a designated Conservation Officer for Rutland.

Items for a future agenda

Trees. RO.
Data Protection
Conduct training – LRALC
Parking at bus bay.
Review of GPC meeting dates.
Quarry noise.

Date of next meeting – March 5th 2018

Dates of future meetings –
Tuesday April Tuesday 3rd
Wednesday May 9th – AGM followed by May meeting.