Parish Council Minutes 13th November 2019 Including Quarry Meeting Notes


Minutes of Meeting on 13th November 2019 at 7.30pm at the Community Centre

Members:  Mr. Ken Edward (KE), Mrs S. Begy (SB), Mrs J. Denyer (JD), Mr P. Hitchcox (PH), Mr D. Hodson (DH), Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Ward Member: Nick Begy

13 Members of the public attended

Issues raised by members of the public:

·       Road sweeping in village – suggestion that we find out from Highways when they are due to carry out road sweeping so parked cars on Main Street can be moved, enabling a more effective clean of the street.  NB to follow up with RCC Highways

·       Poppies not on lamp posts

·       Problems with traffic at the chicane outside the shop

·       Bollards on chicane outside shop should be yellow so that they stand out


Apologies for absence



Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted.

RFO (DH) does not vote on financial matters




Approval of minutes from 9th October 2019

Motion to accept minutes

Proposed: DH,  Seconded JD,  Voted to accept



Matters arising.








Fix My Street and Highways

  • Blocked drains Church Lane & Main Street junction and Thistleton Road
  • Path dust by quarry and accident damage to path by quarry
  • Church Lane Restriction Signs
  • Moving of 20 mph sign from current location (entrance of Church Lane) to nearer Begy Gardens
  • Re-set Speed Indicator at both ends of the village such that it’s set point is 20 mph rather than 30 mph
  • Oak House chicane – smoothing of radius.
  • Reset kerbs and re-tarmac pavements at various dangerous locations around the village (including re-setting man hole covers).  Survey of pavements completed by GPC
  • Improve kerb line and pavement in front of Jacob’s Well
  • Move Chicane priority sign from village green to outside Oak House
  • Replace black bollards with yellow
  • Parking opposite Jacob’s Well
  • Potholes in Wood Lane
  • Church Lane flooding and road conditions

JD gave an update following a walk through visit around the village (east to west) with 2 councillors from RCC Highways. All the above issues are logged and referenced with RCC and GPC will continue to keep the pressure on.

There is a fix my street app available and all are encouraged to log issues in addition to the Parish Council.

Action: JD to get a full report from Highways for January meeting.

KE read out the response from RCC’s Highways Department regarding the Church Lane flooding.  They are aware of the drainage issue and it has been investigated by the highways team and contractor. The works are currently scheduled to take place around May when budgets allow.

GPC will continue to keep pressure on our Ward Member to make sure this happens.

Action: Clerk to write to the Council to raise concerns over the standing water turning to ice, resulting in severe damage and mobility users unable to access the shop.

North Brook Tree Planting:

Forestry Commission (Charles Cuthbert) has stated that the trees have been planted satisfactorily. There are rubbish and building rubble left – to be escalated to RCC to find out what can be done.

Action: NB to follow up with RCC

Quarry Dust:

A petition with 60 signatures passed to RCC with covering letter.

Mick George meeting (13th November) to talk about proposed extension of quarrying work.  This has been covered in the earlier consultation prior to this meeting and it has been agreed that a Liaison Group be formed.

Bridge Lane Tree Pruning – requested by RCC

There has been an offer from a local resident to carry out the tree pruning, provided we can get the planning permission.

Action:  PH to investigate

Safer Villages Scheme:

JD is the village representative for this scheme which is aimed at coordinating all safety issues in the village. JD gave an update on the rollout of the pilot scheme and resources available.

Wheelie Bin Stickers:

The initiative is to approach all households on Main Street to put a 20mph sticker on wheelie bins to raise awareness of speed. This was agreed and GPC will finance the initiative.

Action: Clerk and JD to obtain quotes for stickers for approval at next meeting.  Clerk to identify numbers of houses on Main Street from electoral register.

Decision Needed to be made on publishing a 2020 Parish Newsletter:

Agreement to start planning in March for a Parish Newsletter, to include input from the Church and other groups in the village.















RFO budget report, a bank statement and the Draft Risk Assessment

DH presented his budget report to the meeting and gave an update on the draft risk assessment.

Resolution to apply for LRALC internal audit.

It was suggested that LRALC be used again to carry out the internal audit. Proposed: KE, Seconded RK

Action: Clerk to complete and return LRALC Internal Audit Service – Application Form.

Monthly Budget – attached, no comments.

2020/2021 Precept

GPC are active in supporting the Community Centre who need to build up reserves for expenditure of building works. An increased contribution from the 2020/21 precept was suggested, amount to be agreed at the January meeting.

Suggestion that money for trees is earmarked.

Actions: Focus Groups to provide DH with their spending budgets by 2nd week in December.

DH to put forward a proposal to the January meeting on amount for 2020/21 precept.

Invoices for Payment –

KE - £86.40 – mending of defib lock

KE - £29.76 – print cartridges

P.K.F. Littlejohn – £240.00 additional fees for extra work carried off.

2 NALC Guides - £45.90 + £34.92 (The Good Councilors Guide to Finance and Transparency)

LRALC Training - £40 (accounts training for RFO)

£213.69 – Fee from RCC for non-election

Clerks Salary - November £166.73, December £166.73

Proposed: PH, Seconded: JD, carried unanimously

Approval to Place an Order

Proposal - £30 donation to Neighbourhood Watch

Proposal - £50 donation to Royal British Legion

Proposal – To purchase a laser printer for the clerk approx. £200

Proposal – Send the Parish Clerk on Training Courses with LRALC (3 @ £40

each £120)

Planning Application fee for Community Centre - £142.00

Proposed: KE, Seconded AJ, carried unanimously

Assets Register

This needs updating, volunteer needed to check existing list and photograph assets (no street lights)   

SB and RK agreed to carry out this work together. 

Action: DH to provide SB and RK with the asset list.













In response to a “Freedom of Information Request”  RCC to see all the documentation relating to the updating of the Settlement Hierarchy document which is on file ,this information has been received. 

Pending – DH to report at next meeting.   

2019/1116/FUL– Demolition of Shed and replacement with granny annex 25 Church Lane

DH reported on the plans. No objections from GPC.

Action: Parish Clerk to update RCC Planning Portal with decision “neutral”

2019/0965/FUL – Planning permission granted for 81 Main Street Two storey and single storey rear extension

2019/1077/DIS – MPK Garages Limited (Ram Jam)– Discharge of Conditions No 3 (Surface Water Drainage), Condition No 4 (Details of boundary treatment) and Condition No 5 (Details of external facing and roofing materials) in relation to planning permission 2019/0476/FUL – Approval of details required by Condition

2019/0902/FUL – Planning permission granted for Hill Farmhouse 37 Main Street - construction of a barn for the storage of animal feed and bedding.

2019/1095/CAT – Approval granted for tree felling at Lindow Cottage, 25 Main Street

2019/1065/CAT – Approval granted for felling of conifer trees at 3 Wheatsheaf Lane



Standing Orders and Focus Groups









Standing Orders and all appendices and Contracts

Clerk will log all motions at Parish Council meetings.

Clerk’s contract was approved

RCC have the Clerk’s details and postal address.

Clerk’s details have been added to Greetham website

Any further updates on Local Plan Review

NB reported there are no further updates at present - further updates will be available January/February 2020

Traffic/Footpaths/Pavements/Lighting. PH/AJ/RK

Meetings have been held with regard to the A1 – for discussion at the January meeting.

Action:  PH to circulate to members a draft letter

Burial Ground. SB/KE/JD

Motion:  Greetham parish Council put a temporary restriction on giving a “Right to Burial” for persons who have no connection with the village until such time as the Regulations for burials are revised. Greetham funerals costs will be reviewed at the January meeting.

Agreed to put on hold. Burial Committee are putting together new rules to present at next meeting.

Trees/ Benches/ Clean up SB/PH/AJ

SB gave an update on the clean-up day, noticeably less rubbish.   

Benches – Proposal for another bench. Permit forms received

SB is pursuing the acquisition of a bench from a resident. A bench has been sourced for £100. Action: SB/JD to apply for permit.

PH gave an update on Grass cutting of Verges up Great Lane. There is concern that the hedge is encroaching towards the trees.

Action:  PH to speak to Forestry Officer; look at possible help and the allocation of some money from GPC budget

Jacob’s Well DH/JD

Currently waiting for a response from RCC

Community Centre Grant Projects JD/KE

A number of plans are currently in the pipeline:  installing french windows and a terrace, removing the half wall between the two ends of the club room.

Community Garden Group DH

The session arranged for 27th October outside the Old Vicarage was cancelled due to a gas leak.






Community Centre

KE gave an update.  A fantastic job has been done holding a wake at the Community Centre. Thanks to all members of the committee involved and volunteers who helped with the organisation and catering.


Welcome Card Visit

A welcome visit made to the new residents in Little Lane.


Correspondence and Communication







Snow Wardens

Request for volunteers included in November newsletter

No applications have been received for volunteers.

Action: Clerk to reply to RCC                                                                                                

County Community Speed Watch Scheme

GPC want to participate in the County Community Speed Watch Scheme working with the involvement of the village traffic group TRASP.

Action: PH to contact Steve Bertuzzi (TRASP) to ask for support.

Clerk to confirm interest with RCC

Letters from members of the public re drains, Main Street and Church Lane

This has been acknowledged and dealt with under matters arising.

RCC Annual Report

Bus Users Group Meeting report

Notice of Bus Users Group Meeting with link to be put on the village noticeboard.

Crime Report from Rutland North Beat






Reports from outside bodies


Parish Forum Meeting – 21st October

DH had attended the meeting and gave an update.



Items for future agendas

Set precept in January

Burial charges review

Review data/mail/reports/redaction

Set date for Village Meeting – sometime in march for all groups in the village

Assets update

Update of financial regulations for Greetham Parish Council

Proposal for £250 for dog poo bags


Date of next PC Meeting


No meeting for December.  Next meeting 8th January 2020


Note items to be filed on Dropbox from this meeting for future reference.

All correspondence

Notes on the Greetham Quarry Presented to the Parish Council and the Public

Held on 13th November 2019 at 19.00

Approximately 90 members of the public attended the meeting.

John Gough, Director of Planning for Mick George explained the proposal to extend the quarry on the north-western side.

No planning permission has been applied for yet.

He reported they are well advanced in terms of a technical appraisal.

Timescale envisaged – 9 months to 1 year once planning permission has been applied for.

A question and answer session followed the presentation, following which concern was raised that the Mick George representative was totally unprepared for the meeting.

Issues/questions raised by the Public

Dust and Noise Issues

There were numerous questions and issues raised around the levels of dust and noise – summary as follows:

Dust and noise is a current problem which can only be worsened with the expansion of the quarry – photo produced showing the dust on a car windscreen.

Ponies next to the quarry boundary are frequently covered in white dust.

The dust is affecting people’s health and property, and noise impacting quality of life.

However bad it is now, will only get worse with the quarry expansion.

Concern raised that the company is not proactive in its approach to dust and noise issues.

Response from John Gough

Mick George are not aware of these issues or the petition forwarded to RCC.  None of these complaints have ever been received by Mick George. The only complaint they have on record is concerning mud on the road.

The meeting was told that all complaints should be sent directly to Mick George Head Office. There is a designated email for complaints. Email address to be provided

It was clear that there has been misinformation and a breakdown in communication regarding the process for reporting complaints.  It would appear that complaints logged with RCC had not got through to Mick George.  If they had been aware they would have taken this seriously.

Other specific Questions

Q.  Local Planning Process

A.  In accordance with the existence of mineral plan. Application is made under the Mineral Laws.

Q.  How many loads of limestone delivery per day and where do the trucks go?

A.  Trucks via new entrance in Thistleton Lane.  Leaving left out of quarry onto the A1.

Q.  Are the vehicles Mick George’s own vehicles?

A.  The majority yes.  Mick George also owns Frimstone quarry vehicles.

Q.  Concern about stones left on the road from trucks and complaints have not been responded to.

A.  All trucks will be sheeted going out of the quarry.

Q.  Can speed limits be imposed – members of the public have witnessed the trucks speeding though the village.

A.  All vehicles have trackers on and speeds over the statutory speed limited will be flagged up at head office and dealt with.  If registration numbers are provided to Mick George head office, they will act on this.

Q.  Will you be increasing lorry movements in the new quarry?

A.  There will be no increase – 150,000 tons per year, 33 loads per day

Q.  Will the quarry be blasting – is this possible I the future?

A.   Categorically No.

Q.  When will the restoration plan for the old quarry be re-acted?

A.  This is the responsibility of the landowners – Ivor Crowson.

Q.  Are you aware of the landowners plan?

A.  They are looking at commercial development

Q.  How are the levels of noise, dust and vibration monitored?

A.   Conditions are imposed on the existing quarry with regard to noise levels. The site will come under the Environment Agency.

Q.  Are you aware of the national guidance – The quarry and housing development at North Luffenham was sited as an example.

A.  This is a county matter, Central Government does not get involved.  Decisions will be made by RCC taking into account the mineral rules.

Q.  What measures will be in place to help with the noise and dust problems?

A.  Acoustic screening will be put in new quarry.

There was argument from members of the public that acoustic screening does not work.  It was suggested that this be put in place now to carry out testing of its effectiveness.

Q.  Do you regularly visit the existing site?

A.  No

Q.  The amount of mud on the road from trucks, what measures are in place?

A.  All vehicles will have a wheel wash on new site. There is no legislation requiring a wheel wash.

Q.  Why is the crushing operation not sprayed?

A.   No answer

Q.  Concerns raised regarding the possible decrease in value of homes.

A.  The company do have a community trust fund that residents can apply for.

Q.  The levels of air quality – are there set levels?

A.  There is nothing in place, there is no legal requirement

Q.  How many parts of the country are Mick George operating in?

A.  20 plus


John Gough said that now he had been made aware of all the issues, he would take them back to Mick George, in order to carry out an appraisal. A response to be forwarded to the Parish Council for the January meeting.

Greetham Parish Council to set up a Liaison Group to work directly with Mick George.  The group to consist of Councillors, Ward Member and Public.