Parish Council Minutes 7th August 2017

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes Monday August 7th 2017

Greetham Community Centre @ 7.30 pm

Members present: Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox; Mr D. Hodson; Dr R. Oakes; Mrs Ann Jenkins; Mrs S. Begy; Mrs R. Marshall.

  Also in attendance: N. Begy (Ward Member); Clerk; 3 members of the public.

Points raised by the public:

1.       Speed of traffic in Main Street

2.       Riparian stream responsibilities

3.       Dog waste signage and impact


Apologies for absence


Jane Denyer (Vice-Chair)


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda


 None given


Approval of minutes from 5/6/17

Approval of minutes from July 3rd

Approval of minutes from July 17th


5/6/17 Proposed:  SB      Seconded AJ  Carried unanimously

3/7/17 Proposed: RM       Seconded: PH  Carried unanimously

17/7/17 Proposed: AJ    Seconded: SB  Carried unanimously


Matters arising



Playground Project / CIL – A letter has been sent from Ward Member to Corporate support. Update at next meeting. Action: NB

Clean up signs and waste bag dispensers. Clean up signs are now in some places throughout the village. It is proposed to replace the old one in the Community Centre car park. Suggestions for more sites for display would be welcome (Newsletter Editor to be approached to include this in the September edition. Also to include a reminder that it is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after their dog Action: PH). Bag dispensers, to be put up on CC field and Village Green. Action: DH.

Speed Watch. (PH) Interest registered with Leicestershire Police.

Church Lane meeting: Traffic Focus Group. For September/October (after the summer holidays). 


Defib – model checked. Bi annual battery and pads need changing shortly. Action: Clerk




Financial audit. 3 month audit completed. by RM (June 2017)

For information:

RCC: £398.


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website


6.1 2017/0411/FUL Greetham Valley Golf Course (condition 3, holiday accommodation,  not for residential use) Approved


6.2 Information/ clarification from Planning Enforcement Officer

Old Post Office/ Halliday’s Yard, Main Street.

1.       The rear facing windows must all be rendered opaque prior to occupation.

2.       The original gates to Halliday’s Barn (a listed building) must be rehung as per original conditions of planning.

3.       The fence must be removed by the end of September.


4, Great Lane. The agent has been advised that a planning application is required for the wall and revised entrance.


6.3 Initial discussion of  “ Rutland local Plan 2016 - 2036, Local Plan Review, Consultation Draft Plan, July 2017”

GPC have received this document which proposes two development sites in Greetham. A response will be drafted by the Planning Focus Group for discussion at the meeting on September 14th.

The following points will be included:

1.       RCC have stated that the Local Plan Review outweighs the Neighbourhood Plan. GPC propose to challenge this.

2.       GPC are concerned about the road (parking and traffic), sewerage (impact of yet another 20 plus houses on an already overloaded system).

It is possible that by 2020 there will be a 50% increase of houses in Greetham.

Action: Planning Focus Group to produce draft response to RCC for discussion at the September meeting.

GPC are reminded that this is a Consultation Process.

GPC will seek to inform all Parishioners of the potential of this development through a poster which will be displayed on the Village Notice Board.


Focus groups.


One bench has been offered by a member of the public for Great Lane, and a second bench funded (also for Great Lane). Permits required from RCC.  Action: PH

Report from Planning Focus Group. Following the ‘Call for sites ‘when the whole County were invited to provide submission of sites for development 4 sites were selected for Greetham.  RCC have now issued the Local Plan Review Draft Plan. Proposals for Greetham as preferred sites are: 28 houses opposite Garden Centre (Exton Estate/ Cottesmore Parish) and mixed use development on the quarry site which comprises of 30 houses and 17 hectares of employment land. The Planning Focus Group held a meeting with RCC to clarify issues and seek answers to :

Q1 –Allocation of Precept/ CIL on Exton site (GRE02) which is in Cottesmore Parish. Response: This is not a responsibility of the Local Plan.

Q2 – Development outside of Cottesmore, whose Neighbourhood Plan states this is not desirable. Response: Local Plan outweighs Neighbourhood Plan.

Q3. The Greetham Infrastructure will not support additional development. Response: Infrastructure is not considered until after the preferred sites are selected.

Q4 Quarry Site. The area will accommodate more than the Local Plan shows. Response: The current plan will be for 30 houses and 17 hectares of employment land.

A meeting was held between RCC and the quarry site owner. A record of this meeting is not available to GPC.

Q5 The preservation of wild life was considered in the original planning for the quarry. Response: The need for development outweighs this.

Q6. Where can documents which show how these sites were assessed be accessed? Response: These will be available on the RCC website shortly.

Report from tree warden:

Trees, will be watered twice in August. The trees have been inspected and are in good health.


Floods, sewers and surface water / Conservation and environmental  issues


2017 Fly infestations. Greetham Parish Council received no communication from Parishioners regarding high fly infestation in 2017. Many comments were placed on the Greetham in Rutland Facebook page, which GPC cannot accept as communication, and individual complaints were received by RCC. RCC included a copy of their investigations to GPC despite the fact that there was no direct involvement with them.

Hedge removal at Garden Centre site – RCC have responded and are considering action to be taken.

Great Lane ‘hedge’.  This is beginning to impact on the road. Highways to be consulted. Action: Clerk.


Risk Assessment


Draft risk assessment for discussion at next meeting.


Community Centre Update


East v West an excellent event.

Heating a priority.


Church grass cutting


Letter received from Church Warden regarding frequency of cuts.  Grass cuttings should be cleared – RCC to be contacted.

Contact RCC regarding subcontracting of grass cutting in 2018.  Action: Clerk


Cylce path


A survey is being  produced regarding the need for a cycle path from Greetham to Stretton. Update at a future meeting.


Air pellets


Concerns expressed regarding firing of pellets at the bottom of Great Lane. The dangers of this action are stressed


Neighbourhood Plan update


 Referendum on September 7th at Greetham Community Centre.

Copies of the Neighbourhood Plan are available from the Village Shop.

Greetham News will include this on the  front page.


Welcome Visit


East  end of the village,4 completed by SB

Northbrook Close development completed by RM


Correspondence and Communication


Email from resident re new development. Resident contacted and concerns addressed.

New Council Ward Boundaries. Information on Village Noticeboard.

Email regarding churchyard grass cutting. Addressed as an agenda item. Clerk to respond.

Rutland Local Plan Review. Discussed in the agenda.

Greetham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.

Email from resident regarding planning conditions. Addressed in the agenda. Clerk responded.

Emails from RCC regarding fly infestation and monitoring of chicken farms. Placed on website.

Hooby Lane Quarry – update from NB at a future meeting.

Email from resident regarding road naming. Clerk to respond.

Lamp post poppies – finance item for September. Purchase of 50 suggested.  Proposed: KE Seconded:  RO Carried unanimously. Clerk to place order

Green waste bins  RCC propose a charge from 2018

Jules House Youth Service: Request to attend a GPC meeting to share information. Clerk to contact.


Reports from outside bodies


Environmental issues, Bio mass boiler. There has been no response to recent complaints. Action: Clerk to communicate GPC concerns over lack of response and request for assurance that the matter is being dealt with.

For information: The Golf Club has achieved an environmental award for 2017.

28/9/17 Planning training – Parish Forum Confirm who open to.


Items for a future agenda


Smoke omission.

Environmental Agency, vole update

Village Clean Up, proposed date in October.

Update from Traffic Focus Group, traffic speed.

Update from Environmental Agency (stream)


Date of next meeting – Thursday September 14th 2017

E mail:

Meeting closed at 10.10 pm

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