Parish Council Minutes 12th September 2018

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes September 12th 2018

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr M.Cooper (MC); Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Councillor Nick Begy (NB).

7.25 pm TRASP representative - update.

In attendance: 5 members of the community:

Issues raised:

Hooby Lane

Stretton quarry debris on roundabout

Light at base


Apologies for absence.  


None given


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted


None given


Approval of minutes from August 10th 2018


Proposed: AJ

Seconded: RK

Carried unanimously


Matters arising



Church Lane signage. NB reported that signage restricting access by HGV will be installed

Black Horse. Update. GPC wishes to thank the owner for the recently completed work.

Conservation Officer regarding The Ram Jam. The development company have contacted RCC to explain that the trees are not compliant with the development of units on site. GPC have strong opposition to the trees going but in the event we are over ruled we would like replacements. Proposed: KE Seconded: PH Vote:  6 in favour; 1 abstention; 1 against.

Quarry drains. These are scheduled for cleaning. RCC will confirm when done




For approval:

For information:

Clerk’s monthly salary

Village clock £126

Proposed: KE  Seconded: AJ Carried unanimously


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



14, Great Lane

Detached timber garage.

Comment: GPC are concerned about the party wall and ask that a survey is undertaken by the owners of number 14.


2018/0766/FUL Greetham Inn

Variation of condition 2 attached to planning permission

Location of storage shed changed.  No objection.


Land North of North Brook

Planning permission refused.


2018/0110/FUL Olde Inn. 62, Main Street. Rebuilding of stone boundary wall with stone pillars, oak gates, porch, erection of black flue for wood burning stove.

No objections  


2018/0832/FUL Rosedale Cottage, 79 Main Street.

2 single storey extensions.

No comment


Pre- application letter from Lovells.

Two trees have been removed which the owner of the adjoining land did not agree to. PC to write regarding this and removal of hedges, which were taken out illegally.  Also propose meeting with Nick Hodgett and a Lovells representative asap.


Standing Orders


Updating of Focus Group public membership terms in Standing Orders.

Amendment of Greetham Parish Council Focus Groups Terms of Reference.

 To include ‘All Councillors to be available to be on 3 focus groups’. To Clerk by end of month. Clerk to send list out for response.


Focus groups.


Membership of all focus groups will be re-allocated at the October meeting.

GPC will ensure all members have signed Terms of Membership by end of October.

Written report. Feedback from meeting with Tree Officer 17/8/18. Replacement is required of tree in Great Lane. RCC aim to plant 60 trees over a 3 year period on south side of B668 towards Cottesmore. PH

Written report. Feedback on communication with Woodland Trust. Woodland Trust to be contacted. PH

RCC meeting with tree warden on November 9th.

Bench Focus Group. Two benches are now fitted in Great Lane. One has been donated by the maker and one donated by Begy family. Plaques will be paid for by GPC, wording to be provided by the donors (dates to be included.) GPC would like to thank the donors for the benches.

Confirmation of co-option of Steve Bertuzzi and John Hall to Parish Council Traffic Focus Group.

Village clear up – Nov 3rd – 10.00 am at Community Centre.

GPC would like to introduce a new focus group: roads and footpaths/ lighting


Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


Thanks to those who attended the meetings with RCC.

Parish Forum September 3rd.

Saint George’s Barracks.

Comments from Focus Groups accepted. Proposed DH Seconded: KE  Carried unanimously

Additional sites document. Local Plan feedback, GRE08/ GRE09.

Comments from Focus Group accepted. Proposed: AJ  seconded: DH    Carried unanimously

Local Plan Feedback, existing sites. Comments given previously will be resubmitted.


Playground Project


Grand opening feedback.

A lovely event. Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Furness, opened the play area. Rob Persani conducted the ribbon cutting. A Bring and Share buffet was most successful.


Community Centre Update


Original Lease now not required by CC.

Play area; GPC wish to offer thanks to all involved on the playground committee

 Community Centre have been asked by GPC for protocol on use of CCTV in time for the next meeting

The building is ‘struggling’ with issues such as drainage and access. Individuals are actively seeking grants to remediate.

Some areas more pressing. KE proposes that GPC write to RCC requesting money to support.  Proposed: RO Seconded: JD Carried unanimously

CC requested to see the Trust Lease. The Lease written in 1995 is the most current and expires 2078 A copy is on drop box. Accompanying documents including the lease are also present.


Welcome Pack


10 have been distributed in Begy Gardens.


Parish Council Magazine


Quotes for production x 3. For the next meeting

Magazine for January 2019. Subjects covered by Focus Group. Informative information required. Suggest request for inclusion of information in Village Magazine.


Correspondence and Communication


Letter from owner of Black Horse – actioned in matters arising

Letters regarding Bridge Lane – fencing/ roofing. Refer to RCC planning.

Letter regarding playpark – concerns expressed about play park. Pass onto CC

Gritting during snowy weather. GPC to contact RCC highways to request that this is extended to include access to Church and Community Centre. 

Poppy project.  A horseshoe with poppies attached will be donated to each parish. An individual will be approached to collect this on behalf of Greetham.

Letter from individual expressing concern about proposed site for inclusion in Local Plan.

Election year – payments will be met by GPC for election of Parish Councillors.


Reports from outside bodies


Parish Briefing paperwork for noticeboard

Nov 3rd – attendance required at litter pick

10th October – next meeting

Transparency Code Training documentation for new and absent Councillors


Items for a future agenda


Please send any items to the Clerk


Date of next meeting –

October 10th 2018.