Parish Council Minutes 6th November 2017

Greetham Parish Council minutes Monday 6th November 2017

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members present: Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair) Mr P. Hitchcox; Mr D Hodson;

Dr R. Oakes; Mrs Ann Jenkins; Mrs S. Begy; Mrs R. Marshall.

In attendance: N.Begy. Ward Member

Number of members of public present: 5

Points raised:

Lamp Post Poppies

Cycle path

Church Street traffic questionnaire

Thistleton Road drains

1. Apologies for absence Chair


2 Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda Chair


3. Approval of minutes from October 2nd 2017 Chair

Proposed: AJ Seconded: JD Carried unanimously

4. Matters arising Chair


Grass/ verge cutting 2018. No response has been received from the email sent.

Ward member to chase.

Bench permits. Finance item.

RCC Waste disposal service (Dog waste) A request to place an additional bin

(emptied by RCC) is awaiting a response.

From September meeting

RCC response to request to intervene with Environmental Agency (smoke

emissions). Ward Member feedback. Action taken to date has been outlined.

An initial issue with the burning of unsuitable wood has now been resolved.

Monitoring will continue.

Western Power response to request for information. No further update.

5. Finance Chair

For information:

Grant agreement update. RCC request for confirmation that Chair and Vice

Chair are empowered to sign. The appropriate section of Standing orders and

Minute reference from October forwarded

Quarterly audit. Bank statement received and audit will be completed for the

next meeting.

For approval:

Bench permit £172 Proposed: PH Seconded : JD Carried unanimously

Poppies. Purchased for £150. Sponsorship money received £235 (including a

pledged donation from Lovells). Cost for placement: to be notified

Replacement dog waste bags £37.75 plus VAT per 800 (5% discount in

November). Ongoing annual agreement for purchase £200. Proposed: KE

Seconded:PH Carried unanimously

CAB – request for donation. £200 suggested. Proposed: KE Seconded: PH

Carried unanimously

Church clock donation request towards annual service (£126) Amount agreed

£126. The payment of the full amount of the invoice is specific to this financial

year and will be reviewed annually.

Proposed: KE Seconded: PH Carried unanimously

6. Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website Chair

6.1 Update from Planning Enforcement Officer regarding:

Old Post Office, Main Street. The first meeting arranged for September was

cancelled until October. This has also been cancelled and was rearranged for

November 3rd. This third meeting was also cancelled. The planning application

received for the fence was retrospective. RCC refused permission and an

appeal was lodged. The appeal was refused and that is now the final decision.

The enforcement officer has advised he will visit the site to determine the

status of the opaque glazing to the rear of the property and the status of the

wooden doors.

66a Main Street. Revised plans have been submitted but not active as unpaid


Hooby Lane Quarry is reported to have one pile over height which is continuing

to be reduced. GPC informed RCC of their continued concerns. The

Enforcement Officer is satisfied that this is now acceptable.

PROPOSAL: Rear extension to form new utility area and new summer room.

3, Main Street, Greetham, OAKHAM, Rutland, LE15 7NJ

GPC has no comment to make on this application.

Crown reduction of 1 No. Ash tree by 5 metres.

Pennybrook, 54, Main Street, Greetham, OAKHAM, Rutland, LE15 7NL

Ash tree, crown removal by 5 metres.

GPC has no comment to make on this application

2017/0561/FUL Greetham Lodge farm – approved with condition that no slurry

is ‘bought in’.

Outcome of Communication regarding darkness of mortar used at the Lovells

development reported to RCC. (GPC to seek confirmation that all properties on site

have appropriate coloured mortar.) The company are advised by RCC that the

mortar used is incorrect and RCC will continue to monitor until this is rectified.

7 Focus groups. Chair

Traffic Focus Group – proposed format of consultation letter to residents of

Church Lane. PH

It is confirmed that this will be presented in a tick box format. All residents who

access properties via Church Lane will receive an anonymous copy to complete.

These will be numbered randomly.

Update of traffic issues. Ward Member. Following lengthy communications with

RCC and the police GPC would like to ascertain what positive action can be

taken regarding speed, parking, and HGV restrictions.

Planning Focus Group meeting report. A strategy to keep pressure on RCC to

take notice of Greetham residents’ views on the Local Plan Review was presented.

This includes: attending a meeting with the RCC Councillor on the cabinet;

contact with LRALC regarding RCC’s consideration of the Greetham

Neighbourhood Plan in respect of the Local Plan review; submission of a

further FOI request regarding inclusion of the quarry as a proposed site as

restricted conditions are still in place; a request that RCC Scrutiny Panel review

the process by which sites were selected after the appraisal process.

Ward member suggested GPC writes to Police, Road Policing Unit, asking them

to enforce a weight ban if RCC Highways approved one.

Cycle path. Ward member. GPC are in favour of the cycle path from Greetham

to Stretton in principle but are unable to commit financially.

8. Playground Project Chair


The plans have been presented to the Community Centre Committee and their

agreement is minuted. GPC will now inform RCC that these plans are accepted.

Ground preparation is due to start in February (volunteers are being recruited)

Grant applications are submitted

9 Floods, sewers and surface water / Conservation and environmental issues Chair

No update

10 Community Centre Update Chair

Quotes are being sought for the upgrade of the heating system.

11 Welcome Visit Chair

SB and RM are completing these.

12 Village Clean Up Chair

Feedback. This was a successful event with a minimal amount of rubbish


A report of rubbish at Lovell’s site (open skip/ food waste) has been reported to


13 Correspondence and Communication Chair

Residents regarding Northbrook Close. Action: RCC contacted and appropriate

investigations are underway.

Quarry (road cleaning). Following complaints received Stamford Stone

contacted. Response received stated that the road is cleaned twice a day.

Allotment request. A reply would be sent by the clerk stating that at the

present time we do not have the needed numbers to take this further. Suggest

the person asks in the Village Newsletter and on face Book if anyone has land

available to offer individuals.


Residents – roads and parking. This is being considered alongside all traffic


Residents – request for mirror at end of Pond Lane. Clerk to contact RCC

highways and request one.

Resident – correspondence addressed to all Councillors personally regarding

fence at Old post Office. Response from RCC enforcement shows the current

position. GPC have no further part in this dispute between the owner and RCC.

Resident – correspondence regarding the slope created to the footpath behind

The Wheatsheaf and the debris in the stream. Action: relevant agencies to be


14 Reports from outside bodies Chair


15 Items for a future agenda Chair

Budget setting 2018. Focus Groups to identify potential projects and present

for financial consideration at the December meeting.

Risk assessment for volunteers.

16. Date of next meeting – Monday December 4th 2017

Meeting closed at 21.30

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