Parish Council Minutes 9th January 2019

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes January 9th 2019

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Councillor Nick Begy (NB).

In attendance:  3 members of the public

 Comments from the public:

Church Lane light; Great Lane hedge cutting; Black Horse.

Apologies for absence.  


Roger Oakes


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted


None given.


Approval of minutes from December 12th


 Change ‘agenda’ to ‘minutes’   Proposed: DH Seconded: JD     Carried unanimously


Matters arising



Blocked drains – Stretton Road and rest of village. Update. RCC have been to complete the work to remedy this. To be monitored and fed back to February meeting.

Plaques for benches.  Ordered.

Feedback from Lovell’s meeting regarding hedge and tree planting. Hedge replaced on Friday before Christmas. The required trees are not planted yet. Tree Warden is continuing to monitor.

Confirmation of process for reporting faulty street lighting. Individuals should report direct to RCC via the designated website.




For information:

Clerks salary: £166.53

Parish Magazine £270 + VAT £19. Total £289

For approval:

Budget requirements to set the precept for May 2019 to April 2020, to include election costs and Burial Ground improvements.

Overview of annual costs and projected costs for the next financial year.

The precept for last year was £7500.

Focus Groups:

Jacobs Well: Proposed refurbishment will cost C£15,000. Grants will be applied for. £500 start-up funding is requested.

Tourist signage: grants will be applied for.

Benches : maintenance requirement costing £50

Lighting: £1500

Trees: £1000 (to continue planting to an agreed plan)

Burial Ground –the  creation of a garden of peace and remembrance is proposed (a more ‘natural’ environment with a bench). Proposed £1000 start up.

Website: Propose make more ‘smart phone friendly’ and update. To be run by PC. £2000 requested.

Total £6050

Proposed acceptance of Focus Group budgets. Proposed: KE Seconded: PH Carried unanimously.

Propose apply for £8000 precept. Proposed:  KE Seconded: AJ  Carried unanimously

Discussion of permanent tree on Village Green to be used as Christmas tree.

Propose the Parish Council take responsibility for the provision of a Christmas tree annually. Action:  GPC will assume responsibility in future years. For October agenda to finalise.


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



Old bakery – inclusion of covered bin store. Approved.

Update re dangerous roof – Main Street. This has been inspected and the owners contacted. GPC would like to repeat their concerns and  request a time scale. Action: NB.

Bridge Lane planning (tree). Tree Warden report submitted.

Bridge Lane planning query -  update given and GPC repeat for advice from the Enforcement Officer requested. Action: NB.


Road conditions


Mud on Main Street. Advice to farmers that it is their duty to put out signs and clear after mud is spread received by GPC.

Blocked drains. Covered in matters arising.

Temporary and permanent chicane at Pond Lane. The temporay chicane is in place to ensure the safety of the residents of Oak House. It is scheduled to be replaced by a permanent solution on 22/1/19.


Focus groups and committees


Terms of Membership; all volunteers and P.Cs to sign. To be collected by JD and collated by Clerk.

Mission statement for pavement, lighting and roads:

 The focus group will regularly monitor the pavements and roads for damage and wear and report back to RCC in the event that any repair work is required.

The group will also monitor street lighting and report back to RCC if any current lighting requires repair or maintenance.

Approval of letter from Traffic Focus Group to Chief Constable. Propose: JD Seconded: AJ Carried unanimously. Action: Clerk

Burial Ground, outline of plans. Completed in Finance.

Litter pick focus group; set date for March litter pick and order required equipment from RCC. To be confirmed following a meeting of the focus group. Action: JD

Jacob Well –  project plan for the well and surrounding area has been produced. The process to draw up a plan and apply for listed building consent has been started.

Community Centre Focus Group. Request for approval from PC to apply for grant from RCC to renovate bar and to confirm that there will be no future projects for which funding is required. Proposed:  PH    Seconded:  RC Carried unanimously


Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


There is a County Council meeting on 21st January r to discuss plans for St Georges Barracks.


Community Centre

Urgent request from GPC for protocol on use of CCTV. Required for presentation at the February meeting.

Donation board, it is confirmed that this is in position in the main hall.

Bar Focus Group. Covered.

The New Year’s Eve event was successful.


Welcome Pack


All up to date.


Parish Council Magazine


Update. This is now produced and ready for distribution.

Volunteers are required to deliver on Monday 14th.

A copy is to be placed on the Village website.

Advance notice of distribution is to be placed on Facebook.


Correspondence and Communication


Letter from Wittering RAF regarding over flights.  

Request for defib training. Heartbeat re-contacted to arrange this.

RCC budget briefing – February 4th @7.00 pm

RCC – Bus shelter replacement. GPC are happy to accept the plans submitted for replacement this year.

Commemorative horseshoe – the Church have yet to respond to communication.

Lord Lieutenant – youth volunteer promotion scheme. Agenda item for next month

Internet safety course ; information to be placed on noticeboard and Facebook


Reports from outside bodies


There is an offer to replace a tree at the burial ground.


Items for a future agenda


 Lord Lieutenant’s letter.

Monitoring of income and outgoings (Finance) process


Date of next meeting and AGM

February 13th 2019

May 22nd proposed for AGM and subsequent meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm