Parish Council Minutes & Planning Comments 13th February 2019

          Greetham Parish Council inutes February 13th 2019

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members :  Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair); Mr P. Hitchcox (PH); Mr D. Hodson (DH); Mrs A. Jenkins (AJ); Dr R. Oakes (RO), Mr R. Kinchen (RK)

Ward Councillor: Nick Begy

In attendance: 17 members of the public

Points raised: Land to the rear of Northbrook ; Church Lane (pot holes) (action:NB); car parking on corner of Church Lane and cones ( action: NB); Church Lane signage (action: NB); drains; Church Lane  pot holes (action:  NB); chicane in Main Street.

Narrowing of road –

Update from ward Councillor – the law is that this must be looked into.


Apologies for absence. 


Roger Oakes


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda and dispensations granted


Ann Jenkins - planning


Approval of minutes from January 9th 2019


 Proposed: JD  Seconded: DH


Matters arising



Blocked drains – feedback.  Following investigations RCC report a reduced capacity in Main Street and plan to repair in  April. The drains and path at the quarry require re-reporting. Action: NB

Update on Church Lane street light. Job completed.

Lovell’s - tree planting update. PH has visited and reports there are insufficient trees replanted. Only 12 in situ. Action: for  March agenda.

Letter to Chief Constable. No reply received as yet. PH to phone. NB to email.






Monitoring of incomings and outgoings (Finance) process.

Financial year at end of April. Monthly figures will be prepared by DH.

For information:

Clerks salary: £166.53

Litter bin: £287.02

For approval:

Annual street lighting  £358.30 proposed DH  Seconded: PH

Approval of final costs for Clerk’s computer.  Propose £650 KE / RK


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



Update re dangerous roof – Main Street. The owners will be contacted by RCC Officers as this is considered dangerous.


Bridge Lane planning query. This has been addressed by the Enforcement Officer who reports that no further action is required.


2018/1240/CAT. Bridge Lane. Robinia tree crown reduction. Approved.


Ram Jam extension to shop. Approved.

For approval:

2019/0111/CAT. 3, Main Street. Fell one lime tree. Tree warden has no objection. GPC will report their agreement to RCC planning.

2019/0031/CAT Larkrise. 38, Church Lane. Walnut tree – reduce height by 6 metres and remove overhanging branches up to 7 metres. The tree warden reports no objection.GPC will report their agreement to RCC planning.

2018/1333/FUL Erection of 4 detached dwellings. Land to the rear of Northbrook Close.

GPC response to be placed on RCC website (attached as separate document)

GPC request that RCC are addressed regarding their input into planning permission.

Retrospective approval of solar array Main Street


Road conditions


Mud on Main Street. Update.

A permanent chicane is now installed at Pond Lane. Positive feedback received from Oak House . RCC report that one bollard is already damaged, this was observed by a member of the public. GPC welcome this  safety measure for the residents of Oak House.

Action: Review priority for another month. Request to RCC for monitoring by CCTV.


Parking restriction outside shop. This does impact on the priority for the chicane.



Standing Orders

Proposal:  Greetham Parish Council adopts an Equality Policy and Safeguarding Policy as per drafts circulated to Parish Councillors with the Agenda.

Safeguarding Policy Proposed: KE  Seconded; PH

Equality Policy: Proposed: AJ     Seconded: JD


Focus groups and committees


Terms of Membership; all volunteers and P.Cs to sign. To be collected by JD and collated by Clerk. Forms available at the meeting.

Litter pick focus group:  Propose a village litter pick on March 16th. 10.00 am at Community Centre.

Community Centre Focus Group

Proposal to co-opt Linda Edward as a member of the public on the Community Centre focus group. Proposed: JD Seconded: AJ

Grant application to RCC. Update. GPC have submitted an application to RCC for a grant to support refurbishment at the Community Centre



Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


 Feedback from RCC meeting regarding ST George’s barracks.

The application to apply for the Hif bid was agreed by 12 votes to 10.

NB will supply the date for the next draft of the Neighbourhood Plan ?


Community Centre

CCTV update on protocol. Advice will be sought from the Rutland Police before this is completed and presented to the CC Committee for adoption.

Events – Banana Band Feb 16th.  



Welcome Pack


Great Lane. (DH)


Parish Council Magazine


 Feedback received is positive.


Correspondence and Communication


Youth Volunteer Promotion Scheme – request more info. Action: Clerk to request.

Commemorative horseshoe. Now displayed in Church.

Grow together. Budding gardeners. DH

Health bus for Rutland. Interested in scheme.

Safer Village Scheme box of equipment. Clerk to respond.

Agenda for Parish Forum. Please submit any items to DH

Redesign Public Health Services.

TRASP – letter regarding traffic survey. Action: Reply to TRASP (NB)


Reports from outside bodies


RCC budget. Out for consultation.

26th January – induction of new Vicar


Items for a future agenda


 Accounts update

Update on deer poaching


Date of next meeting and AGM

March 13th 2019

May 22nd proposed for AGM and subsequent meeting.

Meeting closed: 9.07

Greetham Parish Council

Comment status: Objection

1. This application does not conform to Rutland County Council Core Strategy Development Plan Document, 11th July 2011 as the proposed development is outside the "Planned Limits of Development". Policy CS4

2. This application does not conform to Greetham Neighbourhood Plan as the proposed development is outside the "Planned Limits of Development". Policy HD 1.

3. Since 2016 there has been a 25% increase in the number of houses in Greetham. There are significant infrastructure problems in the village, particularly the highways, sewerage and further increases in the number of houses is strongly opposed by residents.

3. The location plan submitted does not show the surrounding houses. It does not therefore give the true picture of the impact this development would have on surrounding properties, in particular the issues of being overlooked and the impact on surface water run-off from those properties.

4. Trees have been felled on this site recently without the appropriate legal permissions. This has led to a loss of wild life which needs to be regained. These trees have been ordered to be replaced under a Forestry Commission restocking order issued in October 2018. Appropriate account must be taken of this when considering this application.  On the adjoining site, Begy Gardens, the houses were so close to the line of trees along the river bank that the builder cut them down contrary to the planning permission granted. As the proposed development is in the same situation, it is highly likely that the same thing will happen. These houses are simply too close to the river bank and the line of trees thereon.

It is also clear on the plans supplied that trees will have to be removed (or seriously damaged) along the line of the “Private Road” which gives access to the site. Substantial damage has already occurred. All of these trees have TPO’s.


5. Local residents have raised concerns about being overlooked, boundary disputes and rights of way. Correspondence has been sent to RCC regarding these matters which need to be thoroughly investigated.


6. The site is on the bank of the North Brook. In recent years, and in this year, there have been several flooding incidents in Greetham. The Parish Council is very concerned that nothing should be done to exacerbate the situation. GPC request a flood risk report as this proposed development is so closely aligned to two recently completed developments. We believe that there is inadequate space on the site to provide measures to ensure that additional rainwater run off does not make the situation worse. GPC believe there is inadequate provision for soak away. There also need to be measures to prevent the pollution of the river. The planning application gives no information as to how this could be achieved. No clear notification of the exact size is given. GPC are concerned that the 'drop off' in level will be an issue.


7. The Application form is incomplete and contains several errors. For example, Section 16 states there will be no gain or loss in residential units. (There is a gain of many bedrooms). Supplementary information required in this section has not been supplied. Section 12 states that there will be no impact on Biodiversity which there clearly will be.  Section 10 states that there are no trees or hedges on the site which will be affected, which there clearly are. DEFRA have currently placed a replacement order for 102 trees. Section 11 states that the development is not within 20 metres of a watercourse, whereas it is. Section 11 states "No" to the question "Will the proposal increase the risk (of flooding) elsewhere? GPC strongly feel that it will. (Reference Section 5 above)

8. No information has been supplied as to whether or not the foul water system will cope with the additional demand. GPC are concerned that the existing system is already overstretched as evidenced by 3 incidents in the village where foul flooding has occurred.

8A the proposed access road has very little splay and is in close proximity to two existing junctions. This is not satisfactory.

9. Effect on wild life. GPC believes this development will have an adverse impact on nature conservation interests and bio diversity opportunities