Parish Council Minutes 14th September 2017

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes Thursday September 14th 2017

Members present : Mr K. Edward (Chair); Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair) Mr P. Hitchcox; Mr D. Hodson; Dr R. Oakes; Mrs Ann Jenkins; Mrs S. Begy; Mrs R. Marshall.

In attendance: 6 members of the public.

Points raised in advance of the meeting:

Involvement of the Environmental agency in assessing the stream.


Apologies for absence




Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda


Chair declared a personal interest in item 6 2017/0579/FUL


Approval of minutes from August 7th 2017


Proposed: DH  Seconded: RM Carried unanimously


Matters arising



Dog waste bag dispensers.  Thanks to DH for putting these up at the gate to Great Lane and near the waste bin on the Community Centre field.  

Speed Watch. RCC request the support of the Ward Member in establishing a Speed Watch Scheme in the County.

Church Lane meeting: Traffic Focus Group. Ongoing. 

Grass/ verge cutting 2018. RCC have yet to respond. Ongoing.


Bench permits. PH reports that the required application form is completed and will be delivered to RCC.

Great Lane ‘hedge’ update. RCC report that any work required to maintain this is the responsibility of the landowner.




For information:

A3 Printer cartridge. £43.71

A4 Printer cartridge. £25

RCC -£493

For approval

Lamp post poppies £150 Proposed: KE Seconded: JD Carried unanimously The editor of the Village Newsletter to be approached to advertise sponsorship of lamp posts.  Poppies £3.00 each (2 per lamp post).


Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website


6.1 Information/ clarification from Planning Enforcement Officer

Old Post Office/ Halliday’s Yard, Main Street. The Enforcement Officer is responding to concerns regarding the windows, doors and fence.


2017 /0769/CAT Fell 1 number Horse Chestnut. 3a Great Lane

A comment is placed on RCC website requesting that resident of the property contact the forestry officer at RCC to confirm disease is present prior to a decision being reached


KE left room having declared a prejudicial interest.

2017/0759/FUL Reconstruct wall and create new entrance. 4, Great Lane.

The plans are not available on the website. Comment to be placed on RCC website: The wall has been constructed so this should be a retrospective permission application. As this property is in the conservation area of Greetham GPC regret that the wall as built is not at the height of the previous wall and request that a planning inspector from RCC visit to ensure the height is acceptable. GPC request that RCC Highways are contacted to ensure that the newly constructed pedestrian entrance, which now divides the wall, maintains safety.  Proposed: SB Seconded: AJ  Carried.

KE re-joined the meeting.

Discussion of  “ Rutland local Plan 2016 - 2036, Local Plan Review, Consultation Draft Plan, July 2017”

The Draft response ‘ Local Plan Response’ was available in advance of the meeting on

An addendum will be drafted which includes the comments made by residents who attended the pre-ceding Village meeting.

Thanks are offered for  the large amount of effort put in by the Councillors on the Planning Focus Group in producing the Draft Response (DH, JD, AJ)


Focus groups.


Update – Benches. Clarification is requested regarding the design of proposed benches. These will replicate those already in place on the Village Green


Playground Project – approval of RCC proposition regarding funding


Proposal to accept an offered grant of £2,500 to GPC to undertake work necessary to plan and cost improvements to the play area, grant of a further £25,000 to undertake the works, which would be released to the Parish Council once a scheme has been agreed with the PC, Play Area Group (Community Centre) and Ward Members, and reviewed by a member of the RCC Environmental Services team. Any additional costs to be raised by the community. Proposed:  KE Seconded:  PH Carried unanimously.


Tree Warden update


For information.

Proposal by RCC to plant trees along the B668:

5 trees on North side between turn off and Travellers Site. This is at no cost to GPC.


Floods, sewers and surface water / Conservation and environmental  issues


Hooby Lane Quarry. The RCC Enforcement Officer will visit to ensure the required work has been completed.

Smoke omission. As the Environment Agency has not responded to requests for an update RCC to be asked to intervene. Action: NB


Traffic Issues


Document ‘Greetham Traffic Concerns’ was available on in advance of the meeting.

GPC welcome, and are encouraged by, the positive and constructive response received from RCC to this document and welcome further developments.


Risk Assessment


Proposal that the risk assessment be adopted. Document ‘Litter pick risk assessment’ available on

A5 copies to be handed out at the next litter pick

Proposed: JD Seconded: RM    Carried unanimously.


Community Centre Update


Apologies offered to the CC for lack of attendance by GPC representatives

The fencing around the skate park and tennis courts has been treated with preservative. Thanks are offered to the members of the committee and villagers who volunteered to assist with this project.

Further maintenance is being undertaken to the  building and grounds.

Heating continues to be the main project and is being progressed.


Neighbourhood Plan update


Declaration of outcome of referendum:

A high turnout resulted in a 9:1 vote in favour of adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan. Thanks to the Steering Committee for the work undertaken throughout the process.


Cylce path


Update. Document ‘ Cycle Path Proposal’ available on

Proposal that GPC support this. Proposed: KE Seconded: PH Carried unanimously.


Welcome Visit


Pond Lane: KE


Holes in hedges


 Photographs available on

Concerns are raised regarding holes being cut in hedges, specifically to the Burial Ground and hedges at the CC. This constitutes vandalism and is costly to GPC as the resulting gaps at the Burial Ground have to be repaired. It is requested that anyone aware of who is responsible report this.


Western Power

Vice Chair

GPC request  information regarding future works.

Action: Contact WP for future plans and a time line.


Village Clean Up


Date 28th October 10.00am at the Community Centre. All volunteers welcome.

RCC to be contacted for equipment required. (Clerk)


Correspondence and Communication


Lamp post poppies. RCC Highways support this initiative and have provided guidance regarding putting up and taking down.

Resident regarding path alongside stream behind Wheatsheaf, maintenance work to the path and impact on watercourse.

Environment and RCC respond that the waterway is unaffected.

Parish Forum October 2nd clashes with GPC next meeting. Ward Member and DH to represent GPC.

Response from DLP planning regarding quarry. An apology has been received and the comment on the webpage removed.

Email from residents regarding local plan. GPC draft response has addressed the concerns and points raised at the Village Meeting incorporated in the addendum. Ward member to respond to email.

Planning enforcement re 66, Main Street. RCC Enforcement Officer informed of concerns.

Parish trees policy – RCC. Passed to Tree Warden for information.

Email from resident regarding tree on un-adopted road. Request for confirmation of tree identified to be repeated.

Email from resident regarding allocation of ‘Council Money’. This is an issue for RCC to address.


FOI request sent to RCC regarding communications with Stamford Stone (quarry development). A response has been received today to the first request.

Second request (outline) response still awaited.


Reports from outside bodies


28/9/17 Planning training – Parish Forum. Confirm attendees. KE/JD/Clerk

LRALC – Meeting of Rutland PC representatives  held in Uppingham, regarding Local Plan.


Items for a future agenda


Risk assessment for volunteers.

Rubbish bin at Northbrook Close is damaged. Check ownership (Clerk)

LRALC membership (finance)

Dog waste bin, request to RCC to empty.


Date of next meeting – Monday October 2nd 2017-

E mail: