Parish Council Minutes 5th March 2018

          Greetham Parish Council Minutes March 5th 2018

Greetham Community Centre @7.30 pm

Members present: Mr K. Edward; Mrs J. Denyer (Vice- Chair) Mr P. Hitchcox; Mr D Hodson;

 Mrs A. Jenkins; Mrs S. Begy.

7.20 pm

In advance of the meeting there was a short presentation on behalf of St Mary’s Church, Greetham.

In attendance 5 members of the public.

Quarry noise and dust


Apologies for absence


Mrs R. Marshall; Dr R. Oakes


Disclosure of interests in items on the agenda


None given.


Approval of minutes from February 5th 2018


Proposed: DH     Seconded:    AJ   Carried unanimously:


Matters arising



Cycle path signage (Ward Member). RCC are responding to queries raised  relating to positioning of signage.

Jacobs Well (DH) The proposed meeting has been re arranged.

The damaged crash gate light has been reported to RCC highways department.

Concerns regarding street scene. RCC have been contacted.  RCC only have power to deal with infringement onto public land or situations deemed dangerous.

Temporary car park and builders waste at Northbrook. RCC have visited the site. A further update will be requested in advance of the next meeting. Action: Clerk






Planning – all planning applications can be accessed on the RCC website



PROPOSAL: Provision of stable buildings & storage buildings for alpacas.

The Olde Greetham Inn, Greetham Inn Lane, Greetham, OAKHAM, Rutland, LE15 7TX

Comment to be placed on RCC website. GPC have no objection but raise the following concerns:  is Defra involvement required in overseeing the development of a new  animal farm ? ; reassurance is requested that current screening  from the A1 will not be impacted upon;  justification for the size of the buildings is requested;  reassurance that the animals will be securely penned and will not cause a hazard to A1 traffic is requested. Action: Clerk



PROPOSAL: Fell 6 no. Leylandii trees

3, Church Lane, Greetham, OAKHAM, Rutland, LE15 7NF

The tree warden advises that there are no grounds for objection.


Western Power have identified trees in the village which are impacting on power lines. WP will be advised that they must seek planning permission for any trees which they plan to trim/ cut. Action: Clerk




Focus groups.


Lighting appraisal. For next month.

Tree focus group. The RCC Forestry Officer made an inspection visit to the village and reports that:

1.       The recently planted trees have been inspected and required action identified. The trees planted on the verge of the B668 may have severe frost damage. If they cannot be saved replanting will take place at the expense of RCC.

2.       Tree on green near Church Lane. Pruning will take place in March. The need for planning permission will be clarified. The Forestry Officer will draw up a proposed planting plan. Action: PH

3.       A symposium of tree wardens will be arranged in Rutland.

4.       GPC are praised for their proactive approach to tree planting.

Traffic focus group (traffic survey NB). Data from RCC survey will be forwarded to Councillors after the meeting.  Options suggested include: amending direction signs to include advisory ‘not suitable for HGV ‘; apply for capital scheme to install traffic calming options. Agenda item for next month.

Tourist Signage. Investigations in progress. Action: JD

Bus stop enhancements. Request seat to be placed in bus shelter at the Wheatsheaf or a total replacement with a seat similar to the shelter  at the  top end of the village. Action: Clerk


Local Plan/ Neighbourhood Plan


Response to letter to RCC regarding allocation of housing to Greetham in comparison to Ketton/ Market Overton / Ryhall/ Whissendine/ Cottesmore/ Langham/ Empingham/ Edith Weston/ Great Casterton. RCC have acknowledged as received

Response to letter regarding anomalies between Greetham and Empingham site selection. RCC acknowledged as received

Lovell’s houses were being marketed as being in Cottesmore. This is acknowledged as an error in marketing and has now been rectified.


Playground Project


£44,000 currently raised. Meetings are arranged with possible contractors.


Floods, sewers and surface water / Conservation and environmental  issues


A report from RCC regarding condition of road and path alongside quarry details the current cleaning regime as adequate. GPC will further communicate their concerns, specifically with reference to the footpath. Action: Clerk

Avian flu update. Results from tests are inconclusive. Avian flu is confirmed in one location but tests have been unable to identify the cause at another location. Toxicology results are awaited on other animals involved. For a further update at the next meeting.

Parking at both bus bays is reported. GPC have no power to deal with this. Incidents should be reported directly to the police with photographic evidence where possible.


Community Centre Update


Boiler / heating high priority. RCC have been contacted for financial support. Car boot sales are being organised from April to September.

Comedy night and Summer Ball tickets sold out.

Projects for improving the building are needed by GPC in order to apply for CIL monies at future opportunities.


Data Protection


The new requirements to meet data protection must be in place by May 25th. LRALC have made a tool kit available.


Correspondence and Communication


LRALC will provide training for Councillors on Conduct and interests. A suitable date will be proposed and training booked. Action: Clerk

Email from St Mary’s church representative. A presentation has now taken place.

Mobile signal from Church spire. Passed onto St Mary’s.

Village Shop – parking restrictions. Referred to RCC


Reports from outside bodies


 Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan meeting attended by DH and AJ. A copy of campaign for Rural England was received. This shows where the two plans have worked cooperatively in some areas. Following the meeting a report raising concerns will be forwarded to central government. LRALC representation did not seem aware of the level of concern in Rutland. A letter will be sent to LRALC requesting legal guidance.

Letter to RCC questioning figures given regarding housing requirements for Rutland and querying the need to revise allocations in the light of St Georges Barracks developments was given to the Ward Member at the meeting.   

Rappley’s presentation regarding the Ram Jam Inn on Wednesday February 28th. This was a PR exercise. Plans are not yet submitted to RCC.

Neighbourhood Watch – a report of fraud crime targeting vulnerable residents has been received. GPC will raise awareness within the village. Action: DH/SB

Fraud and cyber prevention event – 23/3/18


Items for a future agenda


Church Lane survey. An analysis now being done. There was a very good response. Action: JD

Review of GPC meeting dates (for the AGM.) A canvass of availability will be done in advance. Action: Clerk

Church roof restoration

Quarry noise and dust.


Date of next meeting – March 5th 2018

Dates of future meetings –

Tuesday April Tuesday 3rd

Wednesday May 9th – AGM at 7.00 pm followed by May meeting.