Jobs & casual work

Previous listings can be found at the archived jobs page.

Closing date Description Type Info
School Cleaner Part time Click here
Gardener wanted Langham Part time Click here


Greetham Valley Hotel, Golf and Conference Centre frequently have a range of jobs on offer. Visit their website at to find out what is available.


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Casual work

We would like to develop this section so that people can advertise a service that they wish to offer and be paid for.

Conversely, if you are looking for someone to do a job for which you are willing to pay, then you can advertise this need.

e.g. someone may be offering to cook for a dinner party or someone may have the need for this.

In both cases please email with a description of the work involved, whether it is a service being offered or required and how you can be contacted.

If you do not specify a closing date, a maximum display time of six months will be applied but you can apply for a relisting.