Greetham Neighbourhood Plan


To give residents of Greetham a greater say in the future development of the village

The final outcome will be:-

A plan for the village for the next 20 years. There will be a referendum with the question - "Are you in favour of the plan?" If 50% of voters say yes, it will come into force and will be a significant factor in future planning decisions.

Progress so far

  • A length consultation process has been completed.
  • A First Consultation document was produced and comments invited.
  • The vast majority of residents agreed with the plan.
  • The plan was modified in the light of comments received.
  • A submission document has been approved by the Parish Council and submitted to Rutland County Council.

Next Steps

  • The Plan is currently scheduled on the Council’s Forward Plan for Informal Cabinet on 3/1/17 and Formal Cabinet on 17/1/17 although due to the Xmas/NY period, this is now likely to shift to February. RCC would also need to submit the documents (and prepare a Cabinet Report) approximately a month in advance of the Formal Cabinet.
  • Prior to the Independent Examination, the regulations then require RCC to publicise the Plan during a 6 week submission consultation.
  • In liaison with Greetham’s NP Group, RCC will then appoint an Independent Examiner through the Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examiner Referral Service (NPIERS).
  • An Independent Examiner will then determine whether the Plan meets basic conditions and whether any modifications are required.
  • RCC would then arrange a meeting with Greetham’s NP Group to discuss the Examiner’s report and modifications.
  • Decision to take the Plan forward – RCC will then notify the Parish Council as soon as possible after considering the examiners modifications and publicise the decision in a ‘decision statement’.
  • At least 28 days before a referendum, RCC must ensure an ‘information statement’ and specified documents are published on our website.
  • RCC are required by the regulations to ‘make’ the Plan within 8 weeks following a referendum.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group is formed of some twenty volunteers from the village. The group includes representatives from the Parish Council.


Support and a grant provided by the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning programme led by Locality with RTPI/Planning Aid England and Partners, available through My Community.


David Hodson 01572 813902 or e-mail -