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All for Anne Charity Events

All for Anne Charity Events -Thank You

Pippa and Janice would like to thank all those who supported All for Anne charity events in aid of Breakthrough Breast cancer last year.

We have been waiting for final donations from around the world, hence the delay in putting out this message of thanks.
As many of you may know, a dear friend of ours Anne, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her wish was that we should raise as much money as possible for cancer research charities. So Pippa and Janice (with help from many others) arranged a series of events in order to try and raise as much money as possible.

We started with the duck race held in May 2014, which was a fantastic success. This was followed up by a raffle, various stalls and a musical afternoon at the plough. This was a very well attended event, topped off by a barnstorming set by our local punk covers band “The Detonators”. Thanks to Kaz and Beanie for the use of the pub carpark and Daren, Roly, Rob- in, Tom DeVries , McGoo and many others for their free time, and typical Greetham good humour and support.

The next event was an afternoon tea party held in Debbie Easson’s garden. The sun shone and we all enjoyed wonderful homemade cakes (thanks to the Greetham Bake-off) with tea and coffee. Surprisingly (for Greetham) this was an alcohol free event (save for Jeremy, Don and Steve, sneaking beer into coffee cups). Thanks to Debbie and Roly for allowing the use of their garden and the immense effort to set this up.

The final push for funds was the Greetham ladies (and some men) walk in Norfolk. Our friend Anne was a keen walker and this idea came from a conversation between Pippa and her. The plan was to walk from Snettisham to Hunstanton and back, a route of around 10 miles (or so). The brave Greetham walkers would camp in Snettisham , make the walk on the Sat- urday and party on afterwards by way of celebration. The date was set for Saturday 13th Sep- tember. Sponsorship was duly sought and donations flooded in. The day of the walk was bright and clear after a freezing cold night, (especially for those of us in tents). Others joined us in the morning.

Just as we were about to set off, we received the sad news that Anne had passed away on the Friday night. This was an enormous blow to us, but stiffened our resolved to make the day even more meaningful.
With a full compliment of supporters (with drinks, plasters and emergency transport ready) the team set off.

Everyone managed the walk and despite the earlier bad news, the day was a resounding success.
Thanks to the walkers for all your efforts and good companionship during the weekend. This can only happen in Greetham.

Our walkers were led by our intrepid Sherpa Mark Osborn, waving his walking stick at every opportunity. The walkers were Ellie Barker, Debbie Eason, Pippa Craddock, Barbara Clark, Karen Mellor, Helen McGarigle, Sue Bromwell, Ros Marshall, Jane and Howard Denyer, Janice Walters, SJ Dryland, Georgia Dryland, James Easson, and Toby Craddock. These were ably supported by Barrie, Roly, Jeremy, Daren, Brian, Colin, Mary , Tom, Katie, Jessica and Steve

Thank you so much for all of your efforts it was truly and exceptional performance. 

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Greetham Engineering talk on steam engines 18/2/2015

John Scott gave an audience of some 20 people an excellent talk on the Talyllyn Narrow Gauge Railway.

He went through the 150 year history of the railway and how it was preserve from near demise in 1947.

He described some of the challenges he faced in keeping the engines and rolling stock long after the skills and equipment of the original manufactures have gone. 

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Community Centre report Feb 18th 2015

Greetham Community Centre

Saturday, 24th January was a brilliant night - with a Centre Stage production of - Men in General.  We were entertained by five gentlemen singing all variety of songs, which also included audience participation.  We had a lovely email from them the following week saying how much they had enjoyed visiting Greetham and meeting such nice people.  Thanks go to Helen (mc) for organising this.

The following Saturday was a special birthday for Debbie and this time the Big Band was in attendance (a huge surprize for Debbie).  As usual the music was superb and everyone  - young and old - danced the night away.   A great night!!!

Everything comes in threes - the third Saturday was the Barn Dance.  This was organised by Thomas and Elka to raise funds for their forthcoming trip.  This time "McGoo" took the stage with Don being the caller.  Supper was cooked by the Grandparents - traditional barn dance food - sausages, jacket potatoes and beans followed by Apple Crumble.

Another great evening.

We have got a little break now, but two new important dates for your diaries:

Wednesday, 15th April and by popular demand - A Pamper Evening - only for ladies, sorry gents.  Tickets are available, priced at £6.00 to include a glass of wine, from Vicky (812893) or Maureen (813061).  Admission is by ticket only so don't miss out.

Saturday, 18th April - we are holding an Acoustic Evening with a light tapas supper.  This will consist of two half hour sessions with background music inbetween.  As this will be held in the newly refurbished Club Room we are limited to 50.  Tickets are priced at £10.00 which will include a free draw on ticket numbers, so get your tickets and bring them along to the evening.  Again, admission is by ticket only and can be obtained from either Vicky or Maureen.

Other dates in the diary - Centre Stage productions are

Friday, 8th May - Impossible Things

Sunday, 7th June - Wanderlust

Details of these events are on the notice board in the Centre.

We are always looking for volunteers to help run the Centre - either on the Committee or just in an "ad hoc" way - just an hour here and there is a great help.  If you feel you can help in any way please give me a ring (813061).

To book the Community Centre - call 01572 812389

Greetham Community Centre Committee

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Men in General

Centre Stage Productions again gave us a very entertaining evening at the Community Centre. Nearly 100 residents enjoyed "Men in General" - a quintet of men with beautiful singing voices and lively repartee. Thanks again to Helen McGarrigle and her team for making Greetham such a vibrant place.

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Greetham WI January 2015

Greetham WI January2015
The Speaker for our first meeting of the New Year was Robert Macleod Smith, who spoke about Water Aid. The Charity’s Aim is to provide clean water and proper sanitation in those parts of the world where this is not generally available, particularly in parts of Africa and India. His talk included some shattering statistics, such as the fact that there are more mobile phones in India than there are proper toilets. A further shocking revelation was that the total number of deaths to date from Ebola Fever is about 8000 in total, whereas 760,000 children under five die from diseases directly attributable to lack of clean water. A visual aid in the form of two containers of water of the sizes that would be carried from a water hole by a woman and by a child was particularly disturbing. All of the funding from the Rutland group for Water Aid is sent to Mali, a former French colony. Robert showed us a video of women and children carrying water from the waterhole, followed by footage of a well being
sunk courtesy of Water Aid. The general rejoicing with much singing and dancing when the water was pumped to the surface was very moving to see. The charity also provides back up to maintain the infrastructure and training for local people to take over maintenance of their supply. In Mali the French army are also very proactive in helping to dig and maintain wells and pumps.
Following Robert’s talk refreshments were served and birthday poses presented to Alison Kirby and Pat Kenworthy. The Quarterly raffle was won by Linda Hall.
A busy week for the WI culminated in our popular annual Soups and Sweets lunch held in the Community centre on Sunday January 18th. The lunch was held in the main hall this year to accommodate the number of people requesting tickets. As always, members rallied round to produce a delicious array of home-made soups and desserts. Seventy four people sat down to lunch, with a formidable back up team of washers up and other helpers. Peggie Butcher presided over the raffle, in which several guests (and the odd member) won prizes.

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