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greetham duck race 2015

Last year's duck race
Last year's duck race

Preparations for the annual Greetham Duck Race started early and the weather was perfect if you happened to be a duck! Tents were erected at the start and finish lines to keep the many spectators dry, and the village scene was set.
At 11 am the rain stopped and we were ready for the start of the first of four heats each with 50 ducks .Steve the starter CradDUCK and his helper Jessica Easson released the ducks which set off at great pace due to the high level of the stream. The course marshalls Toby, James and Thomas (the comedian Defrees) could hardly keep up. Each race seemed to get faster, with the top 3 of each race going through to the final. The gathered crowd could hardly contain themselves!
The 12 ducks in the final were, 17 Andrew Collin, 49 Sarah J Harding, 14 Oliver Wight, 95 Bill Harding, 76 Paul Simpson, 59 Ann Gould, 113 Rees Richards, 146 Janice Walters, 124 Deb Easson, 154 Tom De Vries 167 Harry Arkle and 155 Bilson, and some of the excited owners were present to witness the spectacle, it was very exciting to see the top ducks set of neck and neck or beak and beak! James was that excited he fell in the stream which wasn't at all funny! (The annual ‘I think he's quacking up joke’ was murmured)
The results of the close fought final were 1st  76 Paul Simpson £15, 2nd 124 Deb Easson £10 and 3rd 95 Bill Harding £5, and thanks to all podium winners who donated their winnings back to our chosen charity .The booby last place was 154 Tom De Vries who won a giant inflatable duck!
After the race we all adjourned to the Plough where we drew the well supported raffle, all in all we raised £505 for The Brain Tumour Charity.
Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and young adults under 40, All funds raised will go towards vital research.
Many thanks to all who helped on the day and for all who attended and for your generous support.
Roly & Debbie Easson

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Six Impossible things

Meet Maureen , star of the Avanti Display show ' Six Impossible things' at the Community Cente  8th May 2015. Six Imposssible things happened ,was it magic or science! We had mine;comedy; music and fantastic audience participation Once again the Centre stage team have sourced  a show  wonderful worthy of an 'Edinburgh Fringe' performance and it was on our doorstep 
The next show is by the Gramaphones Called 'Wanderlust ' is on Sunday 7th June starting at 7.30Tickets and information available from Helen Mcgarrigle 812804

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Lost hen

Lost hen
Lost hen

Hi we have a chicken in our garden which has moved in and is quite happily laying eggs in a nest, however it is not our chicken! Could you advertise the chicken on the website and ask people from greetham if they have lost one,worried it may get knocked over on the road, 


Julie Bertuzzi


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Village spring clean 2015

Village spring clean 2015
Village spring clean 2015

There was a good turnout for the Village spring clean this Saturday. Lots of litter was collected. A big thank you to all those who helped.

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Not wishing for New Year’s Eve to go un-noticed!
Greetham once again showed an extraordinary range of talent and enthusiasm in a way that only Greetham can do, despite a plague -like flu virus knocking out most of the male population! The particular strain for some reason was called the ' Howard Virus! '
The evening kicked off with top DJ Paul Bland playing top tunes introduced with great style and flair that can only be achieved by someone born of a certain generation.
The first act was Greetham's young comedian of the year Thomas Devries who had put together his own blend of comedy in a hilarious barrage of jokes: well done Tom, but try and get a day job!!
Acts then followed fast and furious as all wanted to get their bit over whilst still sober! Brian, Wayne and Ruth played a faultless acoustic set just to prove Greetham has got access to proper musicians.
Next up was The Village People, Tom and Harro Devries, Gary Spencer and Stef Doug- las, with an unusual version of YMCA. Gary proving that rhythm and timing is not every- thing ( all the right moves but not necessarily in the right order or at the right time!)
The first victim of the Howard virus was Punk/Fusion band The Unwanted who were una- ble to play, Robin Tidd and Darren Dryland had a particularly violent case or maybe it was the prospect of playing the Bay City Rollers number Bye Bye Baby?, or maybe just play- ing with me!
More victims if the ‘lurgy ‘were Barrie & Babs and MeJulie as Wet Feet, then to become Wet Foot! Stuart Rowland stepping in at the last minute to help out with his fantastic vo- cals, a big thanks to Frank, Ruth, Brian and Don for helping me out, although I say it my- self it weren’t half bad!
Then back by popular demand after a fictitious sell out summer season at the Beavers Retreat at Snettisham, The Marvelous Mark and the beautiful Deborah magic show, which had everyone standing in amazement with plate spinning and Deborah been cut into three leaving everyone guessing where her head was: there was even a small un- planned fire. The village had never seen the like apart from the last time, it was both mag- ical and mysterious!
There was more, Merv Bamber with his hilarious Village Ode!, My mother trying her hard- est to get a turn (sorry mother) and the headlining act Wysiwyg with their original line-up minus one (me), Howard proving the show must go on no matter what!
It was a fantastic way to see the New Year in and my personal thanks to everybody in- volved and for everyone coming along and supporting the event.
The proceeds were split between Prostate Cancer UK and Greetham Community Centre, £300 each. Thanks again and have a great 2015! Roly Easson

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