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Greetham Engineering Society


Greetham Engineering Society

Last month (October 2014) we had an excellent trip to the Shutleworth Air Museum and evening flying display. The aircraft - mainly dating back to the First World War are in mint condition and we were treated to a superb display. The finale was a modern stunt plane doing aerobatics at close quarters with a quarter scale model doing a synchronised display along side. How anyone can operate a radio controlled model with such precision is totally beyond me!
The Engineering Society is open to all - including non engineers. I find it worth while as I go on visits that I would not otherwise think of and see interesting things.
There is no charge to join and we meet once a month for a brief meeting at The Plough to plan visits.
 David Hodson

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Happy Memories of Greetham WI
On the afternoon of 10th April Greetham WI hosted a very unusual meeting. Present members, Peggie Butcher, Wynn Dixon, Irene Elson, Hazel Hinch, Pat Kenworthy, Diana Miller, Carol Fairbairn and Gill Hodson, were joined by past members, Anne Beacroft, Mary Easson, Marigold Lammin, Joan Rayson, Glynnis Sellars, Pam Sharpe and Yvonne Smith, for an afternoon of tea and chat.

We sorted through boxes, looked at old photos and newspaper cuttings and happily reminisced about different events - from pancake races to jubilee celebrations, outings to skittle competitions.

We were particularly delighted to have with us Hazel, Joan and Pam as they helped found Greetham WI more than forty years ago. We even found the minutes of the very first meeting!

We continue to be a friendly and active group, meeting on the second Monday of every month at 7.45 pm - the same day and time as was chosen back in 1972.

New members are always very welcome to join us.

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The Great War

Greetham and the Great War

Did you know 11 Greetham men died as sa result of the First World War? Lots more happened too, and we are gathering some fascinating stories about them and many others for our new book, which we intend to launch on the afternoon of Sunday 7thSeptember 2014 as part of our ‘Greetham’s Great War Heroes’ Village History Walk. We hope a good crowd will join us for the walk – more details to follow in forthcoming newsletters and on the Greetham in Rutland website.

Meanwhile, we would really like it if we could get 5 more stories from people who live in Greetham now. You don’t have to have lived here for ages or have had any connections with the village previously – in fact you might have just moved in! We have stories from England, Ireland and Scotland – a Welsh one would be nice! We want a story about your ancestor – male or female – and their experience of the 1914-18 war, plus a period photo of them and any precious memento of the time. We will then scan and photo you and your artefacts, write up the story, check it back with you, and it will appear in the book. We must have the stories by 30th April 2014 to be able to meet our deadlines. We have access to some good research sources so we might also be able to find some more detailed information about your ancestor for you.

Please contact us, or call us direct: David Bland on 01572-812608 or Paul Bland on 01572-812925. Or drop by to either 22 or22A Main Street to have a chat with us.

David Bland and Paul Bland

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What did your granddad or great granddad do in the First World War? Or grandma, a great aunt or uncle, or other ancestors?  We would like to hear from you if you are a long time Greetham family or if you are a relatively new member of our community (i.e. if you’ve been here less than 30 years!).

As part of the commemoration of the centenary of the start of the First World War we are preparing a new book that details the impact of the conflict on Greetham.  We have a lot of information about the village at the time, including biographies of many of those who went to war and did not return, or returned as very different people.  Hopefully the book will be an interesting and valuable addition to the history of the village.

We really want to do a section in the book that details the impact of the war on people and families living in the village now.  It doesn’t matter where you have come from - we already have some fascinating stories from current residents who came to Greetham from as far afield as London, Scotland, Northern Ireland – and even Grantham! 

Preferably we would like a short story and a photo of your ancestor or a precious artefact of theirs from the time, and a photo of you (which we will take)!  We are quite happy to come and see you, and through our research sources we might be able to find out a bit more information than you may already have. 

To meet our deadline we need to have your stories completed and checked back with you by 30th April 2014.  It would be great to hear from you because it is very clear that many of us come from families who have been shaped by that conflict of 100 years ago.

Please give either of us a call or email us – we will get straight back to you:

David Bland: 01572 812608

Paul Bland: 01572 812925


We will be leading a guided village history walk ‘Greetham’s Great War Heroes’ in September this year – more details to follow in future months.  There is a very good committee organising the event which will be very memorable and done in true Greetham style!

David Bland & Paul Bland

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